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Ministry of Health Issues Advisory on Consumption of Kellogg’s Cereal

Belmopan. June 22nd, 2018. The Ministry of Health advises the public to not consume any Kellogg’s Honey Smacks Cereal Products as it has been linked to a salmonella outbreak in the United States of America.

On Friday, 15th June 2018, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Public Health, US Food and Drug Administration and Regulatory Officials of the United States issued an advisory recommending that people do not eat Kellogg’s Honey Smacks Cereal Products of any size or with any “best if used by” date. The cereal product has been linked to a salmonella outbreak in 31 states across the United States. This announcement came a day after the Kellogg’s Company voluntarily recalled a specific batch as detailed below based on an initial report making the link.

The Ministry of Health notes that while the majority of the specific batch product has been distributed in the US, some of the items were exported to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, the Caribbean (including Belize), Guam, Tahiti, and Saipan.

At this time, the Ministry of Health is uncertain of the availability of this product, but the Public Health Department is on heightened surveillance for the presence of this cereal and batch series in Belize. At this time, the Ministry is advising the public to not eat any Kellogg’s Honey Smack Cereal. If in possession of or know of any local supermarket or grocery store which has the products in stock, report it to the Ministry of Health or nearest Public Health Department. If persons choose not to report, it is advised to remove and discard the product until further notice to do otherwise.

There have been no reported deaths according to CDC and the recall is considered low risk to the consumers.

For More Information contact:
Lisa Sanchez-Marin
Senior Public Health Inspector
Ministry of Health 822-2325

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