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Gary Greif Says Belize Rural South Leadership Needs New Blood

Things are heating up within the United Democratic Party as UDP Town Councilor Gary Greif has confirmed his candidacy for Belize Rural South Area Representative against Minister Manuel Heredia Jr. In an interview with Ambergris Today Gary Greif stated that he is up for the challenge and believes that the UDP Belize Rural South is in need of new blood!
“One of the main reasons I decided to run is because I believe that Belize Rural South needs someone to work hand in hand with both the San Pedro Town Council and the Caye Caulker Village Council so as to properly manage things more locally rather than just worrying about what portfolios are given to you by the government.” stated Grief.
His main focus is to work on keeping things locally managed and revenues collected to stay within the municipality to assist with better maintenance of both islands. He stated an example: Piers on the island are being approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources in Belmopan they collect the fees too. This leaves the San Pedro Town Council without any extra revenues or control in regards to building of piers or over the water structures.
Gary believes that he is great candidate for Belize Rural South as he is young, bright and brings fresh new ideas to the constituency. “More than anything I have gotten positive support from the United Democratic Party except for the obvious objection from Mr. Heredia” stated Gary.
When asked about his bold and strong objection against the Cayo Rosario project he stated that he is baffled at the circumstances which we currently find ourselves in since he knows how difficult it was to place the area in conservation. “It’s an easy stance to take, it’s not about me going against my party but it’s more of me taking a stand as a Sanpedrano to protect our natural resources and our livelihood”.
In closing, Gary believes that he is ready and up for any challenge as he ventures in this political area. “I would like to tell my fellow UDP supporters that when the time comes, make us work for it, hold us accountable to what we say or do, ask us the tough questions and if at the end of the day I am not able to convince you then don’t vote for me, it’s your choice! But I am ready to work, Belize Rural South is ready for new blood!”
With Gary in the race along with Minister Manuel Heredia for the Belize Rural South candidacy, a convention is yet to be held and the date is yet to be announced.

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