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Atlantic Bank Warns Customers of Phishing Scam

Atlantic Bank Limited has released a statement to its customers warning them about phishing scams occurring. Emails are being sent and stating that your online account has been locked and you need to click a link to regain access – this is FRAUDULENT! If you have clicked on the link, you are advices to contact your nearest branch as soon as possible, this should be changed immediately as well.

Atlantic Bank reminds its customers that it will never ask you to update your information via email.

Below is more information on phishing scams:

Phishing scams are attempts by criminals to trick you into providing sensitive information such as your online banking passwords, pins, credit card numbers, etc. They many contact you via email, social media, phone or text letting you know that the Bank needs updated information. These phishing messages are designed to look genuine and may even include the Bank’s logo. The email address and the website that the link takes you to may also look real, but they will have a slightly different address. For example, instead of the banks legitimate site ( it may say (

How to protect yourself:

*Do not click on any links or open attachments from email claiming to be from your bank or another trusted organization; asking you to update or verify your details – just delete.

*Look for the secure symbol. Secure websites can be identified by the use of “https:” rather than “http:” at the start of the internet address, or a closed padlock or unbroken key icon at the bottom right corner of your browser window. Legitimate websites that ask you to enter confidential information are generally encrypted to protect your details.

*Never provide your personal, credit card or online account details of you receive a call claiming to be from your bank or any other organization.

For any concerns or queries contact Atlantic Bank Freetown Branch at 223-4123 or San Pedro Branch 226-3527.

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