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Missing Hopkins Resident Sherris Stringham Murdered

American expat Sherris Stringham, 67 year-old of Missouri, USA, residing in Hopkins Village was reported missing on August 27, 2018. Initial reports stated that Stringham was missing along with her Green Nissan Exterra.

On Friday, August 31, 2018, police responded to a report between miles 18 and 19 on the Stann Creek Valley Road where they found the partially decomposed body of a clear complexion female lying face up in some bushes under a bridge. The body was identified to be that of, Sherris Ann Stringham,  A post mortem examination was conducted on the lifeless body of Sherris Stringfield where it revealed that the cause of death was due to, Tramatic Aphxia as a result of multiple ribs and sterna body puncture to the chest.

According to reports, four teenage boys broke down her gate and tried to steal her SUV. When she tried to stop them, they hit her head and put her in her SUV, ransacked her house and took her body in the SUV. They drove down the highway to where there is a stretch of bridges between two municipalites and threw her body over the bridge. Police arrested and charged Anthony Nunez, 18-years-old Belizean laborer, Wilhelm Clayton Nunez, 18-year-old, Belizean laborer and a 16-year-old minor all of Hopkins Village, Stann Creek District for the crime of Murder. Her family is flying to Belize on Tuesday to take her body home.

Anthony Nunez, Wilhelm Clayton Nunez charged with murder in Sherris Stringfield case

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