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Issuance of Voter ID Cards to Commence in March

The Elections and Boundaries Department hereby notifies electors that effective Friday, March 1st, 2019, the issuance of Voter ID cards will commence by phases at the Elections and Boundaries Registration Offices countrywide.

The first phase will include all electors whose application were accepted in July 2018 and subsequently approved at revision court. As stated via previous press releases, dates and location for pickup will be announced for villages. ID cards will also be distributed by Elections and Boundaries personnel at the polling stations on Referendum Day, for electors who did not have an opportunity to pick up their ID cards prior to Referendum Day.

Electors are also advised that commencing February 27th, 2019, persons will be able to visit the Elections and Boundaries Department’s website at to view a list of the names of persons whose ID cards are ready for pick up.

Voters are further advised that they are allowed to vote in the Referendum without presenting their Voter ID card as the registration record card for each voter is available at the polling station as it is also used to verify voters.

The Department wishes to thank the public for their patience and understanding and reaffirms its commitment to complete the processing of all ID cards in advance of the Referendum date.
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