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Hol Chan Marine Reserve Installs Pontoon Station

The Hol Chan Marine Reserve is all about taking care of the marine life at the Hol Chan Channel and has been working ardously in looking for ways to have the reserve under proper monitor for 24-hours. With this in mind they permanently installed a pontoon boat as a Ranger Station at the Hol Chan Channel on Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

According to HCMR Officials, after months and months of planning Marine Station #1 was finally placed at the Hol Chan Channel. The purpose of the fixed station is to aid ease of access into the Reserve and function as check in point for all vessels entering the Reserve. It will also allow the Rangers to focus on their core function, enforcement of the rules and regulations of the Reserve, enforcement of the fisheries regulations, and provide for 24hr monitoring of the area to improve management.

HCMR takes this opportunity to thank the San Pedro Tourist Guide Association for all their help in installing the pontoon and special thanks to all HCMR staff it has been a long road to get to this point. A second Marine Station will soon be placed at Mexico Rocks.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve Installs Pontoon Station

Hol Chan Marine Reserve Installs Pontoon Station

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