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Environmental Clearance for Collection & Disposal of Sewage Waste

Any person or company engaging in the collection of sewage waste from businesses or households are hereby notified that you are required to obtain Environmental Clearance from the Department of the Environment (DOE), in accordance with the environmental laws of Belize. Any person or company that disposes of sewage waste in any unapproved site is committing an offence and is liable for prosecution. The disposal of sewage waste in sensitive areas such as mangrove, on islands, and in wetland areas, can result in serious environmental damages to aquatic habitats, as well as potential harmful human health effects.

The monitoring of these activities will be conducted more frequently by the Department of Environment to ensure the protection of Belize’s environment while maintaining the sustainability of Belize’s development.

It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain our waters free from faecal contamination and prevent adverse effects on our environment. As such, the public is hereby encouraged to contact the Department of the Environment to report pollution related issues, mismanagement of our natural resources and any other environmental violations.


For further information, please contact:
Chief Environmental Officer
Department of the Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment & Sustainable Development
Market Square, Belmopan
Tel: 822-2548/2819 Fax: 822-2860
Email: or

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