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Introducing the New & Improved DigiPark in Belize City

Digi, in collaboration with the Government of Belize and the Belize City Council, has taken a step in its commitment to developing communities across the country. On Saturday, June 15, the company was thrilled to host the official opening of the new and improved Belize City DigiPark – formerly known as The BTL Park.

The new DigiPark is now the 8th public park in the country equipped with FREE DigiNet Wi-Fi connection via the company’s state-of-the-art fiber optic network. The ceremony highlighted honorary remarks from Belize City Mayor, Bernard Wagner; councilor in charge of Parks & Beautification, Aisha Gentle and Deputy Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Digi, Marconi Leal.

“Digi has significantly altered the future of broadband and communications in Belize. It is as a result of the company’s aggressive rollout program, and the commitment of the Government of Belize, that we have not only brought super-fast and reliable internet service to homes and businesses, but also to schools and public recreation spaces countrywide.” Stated Marconi Leal, Deputy Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Digi.

Digi’s investment in the DigiPark is expected to not only foster the revitalization of the community, but to also enhance the experience of social and cultural exchange that the space it is already known to provide.

“It feels like this park has been around for as long as I can remember, but now that I’ve gotten a full view, I can see that its experienced some serious changes just like out little Belize City,” expressed Mayor Bernard Wagner. “Even before serving as Mayor of Belize City, I understood the significance a place like this can have on youths and on our society. I commend the DigiTeam for the energies they have invested into making the Park a safe and beautiful place we can all enjoy. May it continue to serve Belize City for endless generations and may we all continue to invest in the betterment of Belize for our people.”

The evening ended with a free concert that featured performances by some of Belize’s most popular entertainers.

Technology is changing at daunting speed and Digi remains at the forefront of this movement with an aim to cultivate the value and the capabilities that technology can deliver to Belizeans.

Introducing the New & Improved DigiPark in Belize City

Introducing the New & Improved DigiPark in Belize City

Introducing the New & Improved DigiPark in Belize City

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