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Belize Tourism Board Offers Relaxing Escape From Storm Area 51

Belize Tourism Board Offers Relaxing Escape From “Storm Area 51” Event To Residents Of Rachel, Nevada

Viral campaign to infiltrate Area 51 has gained more than 2.1 million RSVPs on Facebook And could exhaust industry, infrastructure and resources in town of 54

The  town  of  Rachel,  Nevada  (population:  54)  is bracing for a possible epic tourist invasion on Friday, Sept. 20 thanks to a viral “Storm Area 51” campaign that has garnered more than 2.1 million RSVPs on Facebook. The organizer of the event claimed the purpose of storming the classified United States Air Force base is to “see those aliens.”

As  a  tourism  destination  that  knows  a  thing  or  two  about  visitors  arriving  in  droves,  the Belize Tourism Board offered apprehensive Rachel residents free trips that include airfare and hotel accommodations from Sept. 19-21. The trip will allow residents to be out of town and relaxing in Belize while avoiding whatever “storming” might happen on September 20.

“We felt a kinship to the people of Rachel because their town -like our country -is a curious place,”  said  Karen  Bevans,  Director  of  Tourism,  Belize  Tourism  Board.  “While tourism in Belize   has   increased   significantly   over   the   past   few   years,   we   have   the   industry, infrastructure and resources to support it.  If the people of Rachel would rather avoid the chaos -which they certainly didn’t ask for -we welcome them to Belize with open arms.”

Unlike UFOs and aliens, the offer was 100% verifiably real and not a hoax. In order to claim a  free  trip,  Rachel,  Nevada,  residents  18  years  of  age  or  older  had  to  send  an  email to and  be  able  to  provide  proof  of  legal  residence.  The deadline to claim the offer was on Thursday, August 8.

This opportunity gives  great earned  media for Belize as a top tourism destination and has garnered more than 60 stories, with tons of international coverage in top media markets in Los  Angeles,  Houston, Denver,  New  York,  Atlanta  and  more.  A few of the publications that shared   the   sweepstake   include USA   Today, Fast   Company, Yahoo, Newsweek, HLN and many more.

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