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The Amazing Crocodile Hunter Duo of ACES

The island community of Ambergris Caye has come to LOVE this dynamic duo at American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES), for their personality, their love of community and their passion in saving and protecting the endangered crocodiles.

Chris Summers and Christina Manzi of ACES share this video of their hard work and passion that has brought them together as a couple that creates awareness and helps protect crocodiles in Belize. Enjoy the video and help support their worthy organization.

The Amazing Crocodile Hunter Duo of ACES, Chris Summers and Christina Manzi

“We are so excited to release a video that has been a long time in the making! In February of 2018, we had the pleasure of meeting film maker, David Ozier. He came to Belize on his own dollar with donated equipment to film American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) in action and show the world what we do. We give you our most recent profile video featuring the Chris Summers and Christina Manzi, two conservationists brought together through a love for crocs.

ACES is a non-profit organization permitted by the Belize Forest Department and dedicated to the conservation of Belize’s critical wetland habitats and protected species, specifically Crocodilians, through rescue, rehabilitation, research and education to preserve wildlife for future generations. Learn more about ACES by visiting Special thanks to David Ozier, volunteers, and donors who worked tirelessly on this video on days days off from his full time job.”

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