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Belize Film Commission Announces Launch of Belize International Film Market & Belize-Based Studio Complex with Saba Industries

The Belize Film Commission, along with the Global Commerce, Digital Entertainment and Media Divisions for the Georgia Department of Economic Development and Saba Industries is pleased to report that they announced the soft launch of the Belize International Market: Film – TV – New Media – Animation at the recent Belize International Film Festival. This Market is focused on content development and acquisition, networking, professional development and training workshops. The focus of the Market is on content for the Caribbean, Central and Latin America, and Asia, as well as for the State of Georgia and Hollywood. The Belize International Market is seeking exhibitors, acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, directors, distributors, financiers, film commissioners, producers, writers, international press and all those who provide services to the entertainment industry. The Market will also feature filming in Belize, with the opportunity to see Belize’s diverse locations first hand with a familiarization trip as well as to learn about Belize’s rebates and other private funding availability.

“The role of the Film Commissioner is to establish a foundation that will promote the Belize film industry locally and abroad,” said Nigel Miguel, the Belize Film Commissioner. “As Film Commissioner, I am pleased to announce that, in addition to the launch of the Belize International Market, I am announcing that the Belize Film Commission has signed a Statement of Intention with Malini Saba of Saba Industries to fund and operate a fully functioning, selfsustaining film studio and film production facility in Belize, with groundbreaking to start next year. This studio complex will provide filmmakers worldwide a unique opportunity to tap into Belize’s lower cost production platform that will allow them to complete their productions in the country. We have already begun to have conversations with film producers about bringing projects to Belize.”

The studio complex, when built, would include production sets, sound stages, editing facilities, office space and other facilities necessary for the production of and filming of movies, TV shows and other digital content. The goal is to have a fully integrated facility that will not require assistance or resources from outside of Belize to complete projects. The studio complex, which will include virtual and augmented reality capabilities, will be a historic and significant leap for the film industry in Belize. The Honorable Patrick Faber, Minister of Education, Youth Sports and Culture has given assurances of the government’s support to get in place the enabling legislation for the development of the industry.

About the Belize Film Commission
The Belize Film Commission’s (BFC) goal is to attract, encourage and support international film, television and still photo shoots to Belize. Since his September 2008 appointment, Belize’s Film Commissioner, Nigel P. Miguel, has been working closely with the Ministry of Education, Youth Sports and Culture to develop the film potential of Belize. The BFC also provides capacity building workshops and competitions that develop and grow the national film, video and television industries as well as screen both local and international films year round with its flagship event being the Belize International Film Festival, an annual event when all these areas merge into one amazing tropical experience.

About Saba Industries
Saba Industries Group is a privately-held company founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Malini Saba. Ms. Saba has a passion for agricultural commodities, such as rice, and natural resources because they are essential to human existence. In addition to rice, Saba Industries Group operates palm oil, cashew and wheat businesses. The company also operates in the mining, ship breaking, entertainment and hospitality sectors. Saba Industries Group employs best business and sustainable business practices in South and Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

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