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Belize Represented at International Meeting to Improve Food Safety

In coordination with International Atomic Energy (IAEA), Belize is attending the First Project Coordination Meeting for Improving Regional Testing Capabilities and Monitoring Programmes for Residues/Contaminants in Foods Using Nuclear/Isotopic and Complementary Techniques from December 16-21, 2019.

The regional project is expected to improve food safety in Belize for the protection of the domestic market and public health. This will be done through the strengthening of national capacities for risk assessment and increased monitoring programs for pesticides residues and contaminants in priority commodities. Similarly, the project is expected to assist with the establishment of a database of contamination occurrences (pesticides and mycotoxins) to support risk assessment.

The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) is the national counterpart for the abovementioned regional project which is being implemented through the IAEA’s Regional Cooperation Agreement for the Promotion of Nuclear Science and Technology in Latin America and the Caribbean (ARCAL). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the National Liaison for IAEA/ARCAL.

Similarly, the Ministry of Agriculture has responsibility for agricultural policies and priorities, particularly as it relates to production, and is also the parent ministry of both BAHA and the Pesticide Control Board.

Representing Belize are Dr. Natalie Nicole Gibson from BAHA and Mr. Emil Waight, Foreign Service Officer from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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