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Equal Opportunities Bill in Belize – Public Consultation

The  National  AIDS Commission,  in  collaboration  with  the  Office  of  the Special Envoy for Women and Children and with multi-sectoral collaboration through the Anti-Discrimination  Steering Committee will  launch  a  series  of  public  consultations starting  Saturday, January 11th and  ending on  January  18th throughout  Belize  to discuss  the Equal Opportunities Bill.  

This  Bill  utilizes  the  CARICOM  Model  Anti-Discrimination  Bill  which offers  opportunities  to update our laws and ensure explicit protection against discrimination for all Belizeans and that which is  not  in  compliance  with  Section  16  (1),  (2)  and  (3)  of  the  Constitution  of  Belize.    The protected  classes  include: age, disability, family  responsibilities, HIV  positive  status, marital status, maternity, political opinion, gender identity,pregnancy, race, religious belief or activity or  lack  thereof, sex, sexual  orientation, status  as  a  person  who  is  experiencing  or  has experienced  domestic  violence, status  as  an  orphan  (caused  by  the  death  of  parents  form HIV/AIDS) or any other status.

Our  panelists  will  share  more  about  how  the  Equal  Opportunities  Bill  will  address existent discrimination issues in our society.  

Our public consultations start at 6:30 p.m.Join us on:

*Saturday, January 11th in San Pedro Town at the San Pedro’s Lion Club

*Sunday, January12th in San Ignacio Town at the Cayo Welcome Center

*Monday, January13th in Belmopan City at the Belmopan Civic Center
*Tuesday, January14th in Dangriga Town at the Ecumenical High School Auditorium

*Wednesday, January15thin Punta Gorda at the Punta Gorda Sports Complex

*Thursday, January16th in Belize City at the SJC High School Auditorium

*Friday, January17th in Orange Walk Town at Muffles High School Auditorium

*Saturday January18thin Corozal Town at Corozal Civic Center.

Come  learn,  ask  questions  and  share  more  about  how  to  make  our  Belize  a  better  society  for all.

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