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The Belize Travelcast -The First Destination-Focused Podcast In Belize Launched

Belize Digital Media, a division of Lets Go Belizing LTD ( is proud to announce the successful launch of The Belize Travelcast, a first of its kind podcast series that provides authentic and relevant Belize travel stories and advice to a worldwide audience. The Belize Travelcast is the first of its kind destination-focused podcast for the Belize travel market, which sees over 450,000 overnight visitors and over 1 million cruise visitors each year. Each episode of The Belize Travelcast is an engaging conversation that delivers useful travel tips and advice, discusses authentic visitor experiences, and provides relevant updates on the Belize tourism.

This new content distribution channel allows Belize tourism industry stakeholders a unique opportunity to speak directly to travelers and travel professionals throughout the world with highly relevant, personal, and informative content. The podcasting platform continues to increase in popularity throughout the world and Belize leads the way in leveraging podcasting to promote its destination. Research shows that over one-third of the population in Belize’s major target markets listen to podcasts, and about half of podcast listeners do so while traveling.

The Belize Travelcast will explore the people, places, events, and experiences in Belize from a local perspective. Each episode will highlight a unique aspect of Belize that will resonate with travelers as they decide where to vacation or what to do in Belize when they visit.

Host Javier Gutierrez brings many years of experience in the Belize tourism industry and is a well-known television and radio broadcast personality throughout the country. He also brings a wealth of knowledge about Belize tourism through his decades of work as a tour guide, hospitality industry trainer, and co-author of the Belize professional core curriculum that all licensed tour guides in Belize must pass before being certified to lead tours in Belize. Each guest will bring a unique perspective on what makes Belize a curious place, and Javier’s own experience will complement each interview with anecdotes from his vast knowledge of Belize. In each episode, Javier interviews local travel insiders and visitors to share the curiosities of Belize with the world.

The Belize Travelcast launched with 8+ episodes already streaming on all major podcast streaming platforms and will continue to add new episodes each week. It is now available on most major podcasting services such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify, and others.

Download the first episode to hear from Jim Scott, owner of the 501 Hub restaurant in Belize City and well-known local tourism industry professional as he discusses his personal journey to Belize in 1987 and why he fell in love with Belize and never left. In addition to having an authentic local perspective on all things Belize, the show will also present the visitor’s perspective on what they have done and plan to do while in the country. Download episode 5 to hear the story of Mayke Morales, a backpacker who quit law school to travel the world with a goal to backpack through 100 countries. Belize was country #70 on his journey. Mayke has published a book about his experience and is working on his second book. His first book is a bestseller on Amazon in Brazil, and he has a huge social media audience that eagerly follow his journey throughout the world. Listen to why he plans to come back to Belize and what he will write about Belize in his second book. Other episodes include Sarah Mann and Maricia Mas from the Belize Raptor Center, Lorenzo Gonzales from, Zhawn Poot from Belize Zoological Edventures, and Executive Chef Enrique Awe from the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Future episodes will include Ali Wunderman, author of Frommer’s Guide to Belize, Daniel Gutierrez, Ambassador of Belize to the United States, and many others.  

Each episode is also supported by show notes available on that provides a synopsis of the show, a video recording, and additional information from the guests and show sponsors. Subscribe on your favorite podcast player and stay tuned for more episodes each week as we continue to unveil Belize!, producers of The Belize Travelcast, is a brand that is passionate about telling authentic stories, promoting sustainable tourism, and traveling in Belize. It is the largest marketplace for Belize tours and shuttles where travelers can connect and book directly with local providers.
For more information about The Belize Travelcast podcast or, please email ?, visit ?, or call at +501-824-2768

The Belize Travelcast -The First Destination-Focused Podcast In Belize Launched

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