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Travellers Liquors Commences Production of Belizean Hand Sanitizer

Travellers Liquors has just made the announcement introducing a new product for Belize. The company has commenced the production of their own hand sanitizer called Sani-Bel. This they say, “is their way of helping our beloved Belize fight off the COVID-19 virus”.

Travellers says that their hand sanitizer follows WHO guidelines and is the perfect disinfectant for all surface and safe for hands with the necessary ethanol strength. They assure that the Sani-Bel is perfect to refill depleted bottles of sanitizers but not to be mixed with other bells to make your own sanitizer; it is ready to use.

It is competitively priced and it meets world-class standards. The prices are as follows:
$5 for the 275ml
$15 for 1000ml
$25 for 1.75ml

With the shortage of hand and the price gouging going on in relation to imported hand sanitizers brought on by the threat of COVID-19, this product is a welcome site at the market. The manufacturers of Sani-Bel Hand Sanitizer say that they will be able to keep up with the demand and very soon they will be rebranding the product with new more attractive labels. Coming to a store near you! In San Pedro, contact Miguel Alberto Perez (600-2129) for further details.

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