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Concerns Arise from Lack of Social Distancing and Mask Usage

Stricter laws for mandatory mask wearing might be underway in Belize as more cases of COVID-19 have increased this past week. Just yesterday, Sunday, August 2, 2020, a new corona virus infection case was confirmed in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, involving a female with no history of travel. This increases the fear of community spread cases in the country.

The headline picture used in this article went viral as concerns of lack of social distancing increased when the announcement was made of a new COVID-19 case in San Pedro. At the Good Morning San Pedro show, Mayor Daniel Guerrero indicated that he met with Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. to discuss a way forward now that a new COVID-19 case has emerged on the island. Mayor Guerrero stressed that any lockdown or new regulations will come from Oversight Committee and Government and not from the San Pedro Town Council.

Mayor Daniel Guerreo said that he will be urging the Commissioner of Police and Government to implement stricter laws on the use of masks, adhering to social distancing rules, sanitation and proper protocols in running business during times of this pandemic. He hopes for heavier penalties for those who do not abide by them.

In a personal Facebook Post this morning, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, stated that with the increase of covid19 cases, the police is going to be stricter with the enforcement of the mask and social distancing laws.

“I cannot understand how comes we are a society that is so afraid of covid but yet many don’t want to follow the protective measures put in place,” stated Williams. “I urge all to avoid any issue with the police to please wear your mask and wear it properly, covering your mouth and nose. Whenever you are in any gathering you must also practice social distance of 6 feet apart. We will be paying keen attention to those outdoors and indoors parties. This includes night clubs and bars. Where persons are found not complying with the law we will arrest and close down the function. We ask for the support of all to continue the fight against this virus. If we are to be successful we all must play our part. The security forces and the Ministry of Health alone cannot do it.”

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