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Fifty Samples From San Pedro Being Tested for COVID-19

During the mapping process for COVID-19 patient #57 identified in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye,  on Sunday, August 2, sixty (60) individuals were identified of having contact with the 31-year-old female. Out of those, 50 individuals were swabbed and samples have been taken for testing. Results of those samples are expected to be released tomorrow midday, Wednesday.

COVID-19 patient #57 of San Pedro started experiencing symptoms on July 16, which included sore throat, fever, cough and chest pain. Two days later on July 19 she started experiencing chills and then the loss of her senses of taste and smell. By July 29 she was seen visiting a health facility where she swabbed with her positive results coming out two days later.

The San Pedro patient is currently in stable condition, isolated at home where her children and common law husband are also being kept in isolation. Her children are experiencing mild flu-like symptoms and they have been tested as well.

Extensive mapping has taken place in San Pedro and around the country as it has been ascertained that the San Pedro patient had been moving around the country while she was experiencing symptoms. It has been indicated that there are more areas of concern in San Pedro, Placencia and Orange Walk.

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