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Tropic Air Using Ultraviolet C Light to Sterilize Aircraft

Press Release – As part of its continuing response to the issues surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, and in keeping with its commitment to the health and wellness of its customers and employees, Tropic Air, has added an Ultraviolet C (UV-C) light sterilization process to its aircraft cleaning protocol. This is in addition to the enhanced chemical and disinfectant cleaning procedures for aircraft, equipment and facilities implemented in February.

The UV-C machines are a medical grade, industry standard, disinfecting tool, that generate a 95 watt beam of light at a wavelength known to destroy all viruses, bacteria and microorganisms. The equipment is used to sweep all interior surfaces of the aircraft in as little as 15 minutes, and for safety reasons, is performed by trained Tropic Air staff when the aircraft are empty. In addition to airlines, UV-C sterilization is being used in other sectors where enhanced cleaning protocols are essential, such as hospitals and ambulances.

Tropic Air is proud to be the first airline in the region to introduce this added level of protection for our passengers and our employees.

Tropic Air Using Ultraviolet C Light to Sterilize Aircrafts

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