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Blue Economy To Bring New Opportunities to Belize

The Blue Economy encompasses all that is the sustainable growth of one of the world’s largest resources—the ocean. San Pedro and Caye Caulker are surrounded by the wealth that is our pristine waters. To think about the two islands as solely tourism-based is limiting our own potential.

As Hon. Andre Perez, take the helm of the country’s new ministry, the Blue Economy now opens new doors that include environmental, social and economic opportunities for Belize Rural South and the country. The new government assures that tourism will come back to Belize; and when it does, The Blue Economy will cultivate the environment for more innovation, diversification and development of our ocean, while at the same time doing are diligent duty of protecting it.

Below are some of the tasks that are going to be taken under the new Blue Economy Ministry for Belize:
• Work with fisherfolk and other stakeholders to offer needed support to continue develop the fishing industry for the economic benefit of the island.

• Growing the lobster season through lobster farming to avoid the overfishing of the waters, then reinvesting in fishermen by means of vessels, traps and other sustainable fishing programs.

• Educate children and the greater population of ocean conservation and have events such as reef week and lobster fest have greater educational component.

• Cultivate sustainable management of ocean resources across borders and sectors through a variety of partnerships, particularly with Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and Least Developed Countries (LDCs) with similar issues.

• Develop an eco-friendly sewage and waste-water system.

• Promote and implement ocean clean-ups to reduce the pollution in the water.

• Develop policy frameworks for proper coastal-zone management.

Blue Economy To Bring New Opportunities to Belize and Belize Rural South

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