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Belize Announces Members of Economic Recovery Advisory Team

Belmopan. December 15, 2020. 11:00 a.m. – At its meeting on December 8, 2020, Cabinet approved the constitution of an Economic Recovery Advisory Team. The group will make recommendations to engineer sustainable economic activity, protect and create jobs and successfully emerge from the current economic crisis stemming from the 2019 UDP administration recession, the COVID-19 pandemic, weather-related shocks, and the resulting collapse of the tourism and other sectors of the economy.

The members of the Economic Recovery Advisory Team are set forth below:
NAME                       INDUSTRY/SECTOR REPRESENTATIVE           POST
Christopher Coye                    Ministry of Finance                            Co-Chairman
Sean Feinstein                                  Tourism                                      Co-Chairman
Gilbert Canton Jr.               Agro-Productive Sector                              Member
Reynaldo Magaña       International Financial Services Sector            Member
Dr. Henry Canton                  Traditional Commodities                          Member
Sandra Bedran                           Banking Services                                Member
Christopher Roe                       Insurance Services                               Member
Michael Bowen                             Manufacturing                                   Member
Nubia Ramirez              Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)             Member
Dr. Victor Rosado                        Health Services                                 Member
Narda Garcia                     Office of the Prime Minister                         Member
Katherine Meighan                      Small Business                                   Member
Corrine Robinson-Fuller              Credit Unions                                      Member
Mandela Wade                                 NTUCB                                            Member

The Economic Recovery Advisory Team will submit its recommendations and strategies to the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance for urgent consideration and action.

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