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Call Center Opens in San Pedro Providing Employment Outside Tourism Industry

“I would like to congratulate the young men and women of Belize Rural South on their first day of work at RCC BPO!” stated Hon. Andre Perez, Area Representative for Belize Rural South and Minister of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation. He addressed the first group of island residents employed by Ready Call Center (RCC) BPO. On January 15, 2021, 34 employees reported for an orientation where they began their journey at the call center that is looking forward to hiring additional workers over the following months, creating a total of 200 jobs on the island. The call center is located at the SANCAS plaza in downtown San Pedro.

Call Center Opens in San Pedro Providing Employment Outside Tourism Industry

“I am confident that with their extensive background in customer and guest services they will excel at their duties,” continued Hon. Perez. “We look on proudly at our young people as they head back into the work force. As the tourism industry gets back on its feet, it was important to create new job opportunities during my first 100 days in office. This is only the first step, as the call center’s application process is ongoing.”

This new employment opportunity is an initiative by Hon. Andre Perez whose Belize Rural South office approached RCC BPO with the idea of opening a brand in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The company specializes providing a range of customer relationship management services to companies in the United States, including live chat and email support, quality assurance, date processing, customer service, technical support, sales and telemarketing and booking and reservations.

Call Center Opens in San Pedro Providing Employment Outside Tourism Industry

“This call center has given our young people the ability to empower themselves. Let us continue on this path to bring more opportunities to Belize Rural South,” concluded Hon. Perez. Persons interested in joining RCC BPO can apply online at:

The skills required to join the team at RCC BPO are listed below:
* Customer service experience minimum of 2 years

* Great customer service personality

* Minimum of High School diploma. Preferable Associates Degree or equivalent work experience

* Good conversational English skills

* Flexibility to work any given shift since it is a 24-hour campaign and the client has full control of the shifts

* Active listening skills. Very attentive to customer needs

* Great comprehension skills

* Good typing skills. Minimum of 30 words per minute

* Good computer skills: data searching, windows operational system, etc.

* Mature personality and multitasking skills

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