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Prime Minister Briceno Offers Unwavering Support to San Pedro

Prime Minister Briceño assures that his government will restore San Pedro as the premier tourist destination of Belize – “I am so grateful to San Pedro, because when I decided that I wanted to put my name to be the leader of the PUP in 2008, I had a lot of difficulties in trying to get support, but San Pedro was there with me from day one. You have never let me down and I will never let you down San Pedro.” Hon. Briceño stated that the PUP is going to work together and make a big difference for San Pedro. One of the hardest hit places in the country by the pandemic was the island of Ambergris Caye. “The tourist went away, but they are starting to come back.”

“We have the best tourism product in the world and now we have a government that is working and that is why the tourist are coming back, because they know it is safe to come to Belize.” Briceño underlined the persistent work of Belize’s Ministry of Health and Wellness in curving the rise of COVID-19 infections in the country and now administering vaccines to its residents.

“Millions of dollars have been collected for the town of San Pedro and there is nothing to show for it. The island is a mess; it is embarrassing what the past administration had done. They abandoned San Pedro, but the work commences now. As Prime Minister of Belize, I will assure you that, along with Andre Perez, Wally Nunez and his team, we are going to work together to bring betterment to the community of San Pedro, because San Pedro deserves it.”

Prime Minister Briceno Offers Unwavering Support to San Pedro

“We need to put Belizeans back to work. We need to put San Pedro back to work.”

The Prime Minister of Belize thanked the people of San Pedro for showing heart to all those island residents who needed assistance, food and shelter during the hardest times of the COVID-19 pandemic. “You showed that love and that kindness to reach out and to help everybody. Now it is our turn to do our part for you, San Pedro. And I want to assure you that together with Andre and Wally and his team, we are going to get the job done and we are going  to make San Pedro the number one spot in the country. We are not going to let you down!”

Prime Minister Briceno Offers Unwavering Support to San Pedro

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