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Police Warns Against Social Gatherings this Easter

The Belize Police Department has issued a press release where it reiterates that hosting social and recreational gatherings during the Easter holiday is not only dangerous in light of the COVID-19 pandemic but also illegal under the current Statutory Instrument (SI) in place to prevent the spread of the virus.

“As we approach the Easter holiday, we are seeing a number of advertisements promoting social events having the potential of drawing mass gatherings all over the country and in particular within the Coastal Communities,” stated the press release from the Police Department.

Police warned that Regulation 9 (1)(c) of Statutory Instrument No. 9 of 2021 provides for restrictions against any social event. The Department also noted that Regulation 9(1)(a) provides for restrictions against any private gathering which includes any person from outside your immediate household. Regulation 9(1)(b) also provides for restrictions against any recreational event.

“This means that these events being promoted on social media and otherwise are prohibited under SI No. 9 of 2021. Thus, we are asking the general public not to host or attend these events. While we are seeing a decrease in the number of daily infections the threat of Covid19 is still real,” the Department said.

Police called on the public to neither host or attend such gatherings and stressed that those who violate the regulations this Easter will be “dealt with to the full extent of the law”.

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