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Belizean Artist Marlyn Vansen Seeks Help After Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

Marlyn Vansen, Belizean artist, announced on Sunday, January 16, 2022,  that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis earlier in the month. There is no cure for MS but it is treatable, however, the medication that Vansen needs is currently not available in the country. Vansen isn’t losing hope and she is asking for assistance. Marlyn Vansen’s Facebook:

Welcome to my MS Journey
“Many know me as Marlyn Vansen.. mom of a beautiful 1 year girl, a singer, dancer & performing artist but today I’m Marlyn Vansen an MS warrior.   For the past couple of months I’ve been “silent” to many and today I come with an open heart to explain. On January 8th 2022 I was diagnosed with an extremely disabling Auto Immune disease called Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

MS occurs when the immune system attacks nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease, but it is treatable with the right medication.
Once again the medication won’t cure the disease, but it will help to slow down the progression as well as ease some of the symptoms I am currently suffering from. (Seizures/ Convulsions, extreme fatigue, lost of limb movements, blurry vision etc.)

The problem I am currently facing is that the medication I need is Not currently available in Belize, and to make matters worst, it is really expensive. For Every day that I don’t take the medication I’m afraid that my situation is just getting worst. So I am reaching out, to anyone, or any organization, that would like to assist in anyway possible in getting the proper medication.

Belizean Artist Marlyn Vansen Seeks Help After Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

Sadly, This is something I will probably be fighting for the rest of my life, but with God, your help & family support I believe that I could fight this and come out on top.

I want to thank everyone that has been supporting me so far and for those of you that would like to help, you can contact me or any of my family members at any of these following numbers. Any form of assistance in any way possible will be greatly appreciated by my family and I.”

Love, Marlyn Vansen
“I have MS, but MS does not have me!”

You can help Vansen obtain her medications by contacting her family or by sending donations to her bank account. Thank you!

My husband – Ashton Wagner : +501-614-4232
My brother – David Vansen: +501-614-5123
My mother – Marcella Vansen: +501-614-3723

Heritage Bank in Belize
Name: Marlyn Vansen
Acct #: 1213301

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