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Two Sanpedranos Among Belizean Patriots Awardees 2022

Twenty distinguished Belizeans were honored at this year’s Tribute to Belizean Patriots ceremony on September 18, 2022, at Battlefield Park in Belize City. Among those honored were Sanpedranos Susana Eiley and the late Alberto Nuñez Sr.  The National Honors and Awards Act, 1991, provides that each year on Independence Day, or at such other times as may be deemed expedient, honors and awards may be conferred on persons, living or deceased, who have rendered outstanding and meritorious service to Belize, or who have distinguished themselves in other endeavors worthy of national recognition.

Susana Eiley

Two Sanpedranos Among Belizean Patriots Awardees 2022
“Mom used to always teach us that anybody who comes to your house you never let them walk away hungry or without a glass of water.”

For over 30 years has volunteered in social service in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Over the years she has helped countless families to become established. She is a Justice of the Peace and works closely with the Belize Police Department, volunteers with NEMO in times of disaster, is a blood donor and is the first female manager of the San Pedro Sea Dogs Football team. Mrs. Susan  owns and operates El Fogon Restaurant where she prepares authentic fire hearth Belizean cuisine. She always carries the wellbeing of her town at heart; she has demonstrated her commitment to her people, especially to women and children on countless occasions. Whenever there is a call to fundraise for any cause, she not only volunteers to sell tickets, but is the first when it is time to prepare packaged items to ensure that the proceeds go directly to the intended cause. Susana is honored for her selfless work with the Meritorious Service Award for contributions to community service.

Alberto Nuñez

Two Sanpedranos Among Belizean Patriots Awardees 2022

Don Alberto’s award was received by his son Saul Nuñez

Mr. Nunez was born and raised in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye; the late don Beto was pivotal to the development of the island. Like all boys born in the 1930’s in San Pedro, don Beto fell in love with the sea and helped in the development of the fishing industry. For years he served as president of the Caribeña Producers Fishing Cooperative, one of Belize’s thriving fishing cooperatives at the time. This life would set the stage for his venture into local politics, when in 1994 he was first elected to the San Pedro Town Council and in 1997 became the first mayor to be directly elected by the people of San Pedro to serve as their Alcalde. His dedicated and tireless efforts helped to the improvement of life on the island where he helped in the transformation of San Pedro from a fishing community to one of Belize’s tourism mecca. Don Alberto Nunez is honored with the Meritorious Award Post Posthumously for his services to the people of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.

The awardees are:
Order of Distinction

  • Mrs. Daisy Olga Marin – For contributions to Community Service and Entrepreneurship
  • Meritorious Service Award – Male
  • Mr. Ivor Francisco Cacho – For contributions to music
  • Mr. David Lacey – For contributions to sports and community service
  • Mr. Jose Maria Asevedo – For contributions to education
  • Mr. Paulino Elmer Rodriguez – For contributions to the environment
  • Mr. Ray Palma – For contributions to sports and community service
  • Mr. Diodoro Novelo – For contributions to community service and agriculture
  • Mr. Faustino Yam – For contributions to culture
  • Mr. Anthony Thurton, Sr. – For contributions to entrepreneurship
  • Mr. Alan Usher – For contributions to service in the military
  • Mr. Fred Evans – For contributions to sports and community service
  • Mr. Philip Balderamos – For contributions to conservation
  • Mr. Rudolph Coleman – For contributions to community service
  • Mr. Alberto Nuñez, Sr. (Posthumously) – For contributions to community service
  • Mr. Adelfino Vasquez (Posthumously) – For contributions to public service and community service
  • Dr. Baldomino Barbosa (Posthumously) – For contributions to medicine and culture
    Meritorious Service Award – Female
  • Ms. Josephine Sutherland – For contributions to community service
  • Mrs. Susana Eiley – For contributions to community service
  • Mrs. Cruz Amparo Majil – For contributions to community service
  • Mrs. Maizie Williams – For contributions to community service

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has also been nominated to receive the Order of Belize in recognition of his outstanding friendship and support to Belize, which will be conferred on a date to be announced.

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