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Town Council Looks to Pave Nine Miles of Road for $22Mil

There is much complaining about the deteriorating conditions of the streets, with rain and traffic wreaking havoc on all unpaved streets and roads. Mayor Wally noted that road works have restarted with the Town Council’s acquisition of their own grader; plus one more is on its way in a few weeks. More filling, spreading and compacting is taking place already.

Paving Main Streets
Even more good news than the filling and compacting of pothole-ridden streets is the fact that the Council is undertaking another major project of paving about nine miles of main roads that will immensely improve road conditions and traffic on the island. The project, that is still on the planning stage as funding has yet to be allocated, will consist of concrete roads laid on the marina road, main roads that access the different neighborhood around town. The cost of this project is estimated around $22Mil (the $5Mil cost of the bridge included). The Town Council will keep residents updated on the progress of the project.

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