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Ambergris Hope Hospital Ushers in a New Era for San Pedro’s Healthcare

Ambergris Hope Hospital

In a momentous event over the weekend, San Pedro witnessed the grand inauguration of Ambergris Hope Hospital, marking a historic achievement as the island’s first-ever 24-hour private hospital. The community, which had long yearned for such a facility, finally saw its prayers answered and hopes realized as the doors of the hospital officially swung open during the weekend’s inaugural celebrations.

While Ambergris Hope Hospital quietly commenced operations around December last year, its impact on the community has been nothing short of extraordinary. The hospital has proven to be a beacon of hope, offering a range of new and essential services crucial for the well-being of San Pedro’s growing population.

Ambergris Hope Hospital
Reception at the emergency section of Ambergris Hope Hospital
Ambergris Hope Hospital
Guests walking through hospital hallways as they tour the facilities
  • Dr. Julio Lara is resident dentist at Ambergris Hope Hospital
Ambergris Hope Hospital
Ambergris Hope Hospital
  • Examination rooms for X-ray and gynecology

This healthcare institution is not only a significant addition to San Pedro but is also rewriting the healthcare narrative for Ambergris Caye with a list of groundbreaking ‘Firsts’ for the island. Foremost among these is the distinction of being the first 24-hour service hospital on the island, ensuring continuous access to medical care for residents and visitors alike. The list of pioneering services doesn’t end there:

  • First Operating Theater
  • First CT Scan
  • First High-Definition Ultrasound
  • First Private Health Center with a variety of specialized doctors
  • First Pediatrician
  • First Surgeon
  • First General and Laparoscopic Surgeries

The hospital’s commitment to round-the-clock healthcare is further emphasized by being the first to offer overnight hospitalization services on demand, providing personalized patient care and observation. Additionally, it boasts the island’s first 24-hour emergency services, laboratory, and pharmacy, ensuring comprehensive medical assistance is always within reach.

  • CT Scan technician shows recent scans of a patient who had a fractured nose
  • The hospital boasts a large, state-of-the-art operating theater with adjacent recovery room and access to private rooms for further patient care and monitoring
Ambergris Hope Hospital
Hyperbaric chamber service available at Ambergris Hope Hospital

Dr. Danny’s Vision Comes to Life

Ambergris Hope Hospital

The realization of Ambergris Hope Hospital is a testament to the vision of Dr. Daniel Gonzalez. Formerly running a private practice as a general doctor and OBGYN, Dr. Danny, as he is affectionately known, dreamt of a healthcare facility that could cater to the diverse needs of the community. With the collaboration of esteemed colleagues, Dr. Irvin Gabourel (Gastroenterologist) and Dr. Jorge Hidalgo (Internist, Intensivist), along with Dr. Bernabe Carillo (Radiologist), Ambergris Hopes Clinic evolved into the state-of-the-art healthcare haven that is Ambergris Hope Hospital.

The doctor trio bring with them their resources, connections, ingenuity, finance, expertise and experience that made Dr. Danny’s dream a reality. Island residents will no longer need to stretch their finances to travel to the city and neighboring Mexico for medical assistance; it can all be done on the island with the convenience of staying home.

Inaugural Celebration

The hospital’s inaugural celebration was a momentous occasion featuring speeches by the founders and esteemed government ministers, including Hon. Anthony Mahler and San Pedro Mayor Wally Nunez, who alongside Dr. Danny, had the honor of cutting the ribbon to officially open the hospital. Guests were treated to a guided tour of the facilities, followed by a delightful evening of food, music, and celebration, marking the beginning of a new era in San Pedro’s healthcare landscape.

Ambergris Hope Hospital
Dr. Irvin Gabourel

“This moment stands as the culmination of a lifetime of dedication, hard work, and commitment from a multitude of individuals and entities. Today, we embark on a new chapter in healthcare for our beautiful island with its first Private Hospital, a sanctuary of healing, and a testament to what we can achieve when we come together with determination and a shared purpose.
Let us celebrate this momentous occasion with profound gratitude, optimism, and a renewed commitment to providing world-class healthcare at Ambergris Hope Hospital.”
-Dr. Irvin Gabourel

Ambergris Hope Hospital Ushers in a New Era for San Pedro's Healthcare 1
In his speech, Hon. Anthony Mahler, Minister of Tourism and Diaspora Relations, touched on the topic of medical tourism and the hospital’s importance in steering that industry, as well as providing safety for our day to day visitors

“Let me assure you that hospitals are also part of a comprehensive tourism infrastructure needed for a growing tourism destination. Health safety and security are important considerations for every visitor. This hospital will add to the much-needed infrastructure and help to ensure that guests can enjoy San Pedro with the peace of mind that their well-being is taken care of.”
– Anthony Mahler

Ambergris Hope Hospital
Mayor Wally Nuñez and Dr. Danny do the honors of the ribbon-cutting
Ambergris Hope Hospital
Cora Guillen, General Manager, Ambergris Hope Hospital was MC for the evening
Ambergris Hope Hospital
The team behind the success of Ambergris Hope Hospital
Ambergris Hope Hospital
Dr. Danny showing his colleagues the facilities at Ambergris Hope Hospital
Ambergris Hope Hospital

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  1. As an advanced practice nurse anesthesiologist in the states, I am curious who will be providing anesthesia services for the new hospital? I spend 3-4 months each year on Ambergris Caye and would love to tour the operating room and facilities sometime.

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