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Tribute to the Belizean Garifuna

Aalawi Productions from Orange Walk pays tribute to the Garifuna of Belize and Ambergris Today is proud to share talent from around the country. Photographer Michael Vasquez is inspired by the rich culture of the Garifuna and shares his vision though his photographs.

Model name: Amber Rose Usher
Location: Soy bean plantation on the road to San Felipe

The reason I did this shoot was in celebration of Garifuna Settlement Day. The Garinagu have always been my favorite people when it comes to ethnic cultures because they show their true pride and, from what I know, never deviate from their roots no matter what. The majority of them are well educated, law abiding citizens. To hear someone within the Garifuna culture robbing a store at gun point is like hearing a Chinese man robbing a Hindu (East Indian) store. I do believe that culture, tied with whatever religion they practice, can make the country a better place. Many of those people out there who commit malevolent acts of crime against the innocent probably aren’t deeply rooted within an ethnic culture; they weren’t raise up with the lifestyle and values (whether disciplinary and/or code of conduct) like these proud Garifuna people. This is why, for me, that day was also observed.

Photographer: Michael R. Vasquez
Cultural Dress provided by: Mrs. Mildred. Arzu

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Aalawi Productions Garifuna Tribute Photoshoot

Aalawi Productions Garifuna Tribute Photoshoot

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