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Frigate Bird Feeding at The Office Bar & Grill

It does not take place every day, but on your lucky day you can get to see this spectacular feeding of the Frigate Birds at The Office Bar and Grill. When Maribel Avilez, cook at The Office, has saved up enough chicken skin and scraps, she heads to the end of the dock and calls the Frigate birds.

They come out of nowhere; there is not even one bird in sight, but they manage to smell the food and spot Maribel throwing it into the surrounding sea. What happens next is pretty amazing. Maribel is flocked by hundreds of birds that swoop down to feed, almost eating out of her hand. You can watch from afar, because some bird droppings can surprise you as you watch the spectacle.

The Frigate bird feeding usually takes place during the late afternoon at the Office Bar and Grill located on the lagoon side at the Elliot Subdivision, just west of the airstrip. Make sure you check it out, you won’t regret it.

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