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Ramon’s Village Resort Bouncing Back after the Fire

There is nothing keeping back Ramon’s Village Resort from making a strong comeback after the terrible fire that destroyed a large part of the resort on August 27, 2013. The staff of Ramon’s, seen here with big smiles, happy faces and high spirits, was taken on last week Friday, August 30, 2013 as the resort’s owners Mr. and Mrs. Headrick arrived from the United States.

After a talk and prayer with his staff, Mr. Richard Headrick and his staff got back to work to get the resort up and running. As plans get ready for reconstruction, the resort is still open for business with the 40 rooms that were not damaged by the fire and a fully functioning dive shop.

Since the fire, the outpour of support and assistance from the community has been immeasurable. From the utility companies speeding up their services repair, businesses helping out or just a friend calling in to check up on the staff, the Ramon’s Village family says they are blessed and are thankful to the community for their support. And it was on that same day, Friday, that the staff of Ramon’s Village Resort received a very special treat. The hard-working staff enjoyed a special boxed lunch courtesy of Star Nuñez who lives all the way in California, USA; she commissioned Wild Mango’s Restaurant to cook them a delicious meal.

Ramon’s Village Resort Bouncing Back after Fire

Employees at Ramon’s Village enjoyed lunch courtesy of Star Nunez with a delicious meal delivered from Wild Mangos

Ramon’s Village Resort Bouncing Back after Firevv

Ramon’s Village Resort Bouncing Back after Fire

Brett & Susana Greene from California were the very first guests after the fire to stay at Ramon’s Village checking in on Sunday saying they loved Ramon’s and wouldn’t think of staying anywhere else!

Ramon’s Village Resort Getting Back on Track

“HALF of the cabanas at Ramon’s Village suffered no damages! We look forward to having those units back operational very soon!! Also, our sister property the Belizean Princess suffered no damage! We look forward to seeing you very soon at Ramon’s Village Resort.” – says Ramon’s Village Resort Management.

Ramon’s Village Resort Bouncing Back after Fire

Ramon’s Village Divers is OPEN! Here are guests returning from a fantastic scuba diving adventure on the barrier reef last week.

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