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September Celebrations Inspired Art

‘One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure’ perfectly describes our Picture of the Week. It took Heider Perez and his children just a little bit of imagination and a whole lot of creativity to put together this awesome yard art as tribute to Belize’s patriotic celebrations taking place this month.

With bits and pieces of scraps that their neighbors had discarded as trash, the Perez family saw it as treasure and an opportunity to recycle all of it into something colorful and beautiful. An old discarded bicycle frame, bucket covers for the wheels, pieces of PVC pipe, an old basket, scrap plywood and some spare paint was all it took to get it done!

“Ok ok… this is how it happened,” commented Heider to us. “I was passing by my neighbor’s yard when I notice this old bicycle frame. I went home thinking that I can use it somehow. Two days later I decided to take it home… still not knowing what I was going to do with it. I thought to myself that it would be funny to have a Macaw riding it and since we are in the month of September; that just kinda made everything easier. I am painting my house at the moment so I got the bucket covers for the wheels from the buckets of paint and since it’s a bird I decided to go with PVC pipe for the peddle since this wasn’t an ordinary guy riding the bike. LOL. And the basket…well it so happens I have great neighbors – I also found it on another neighbor’s trash. I did the Macaw out of some scrap plywood I had in my yard. A little color and there you have it.”

Great job Heider Perez and family; an awesome way to show off your patriotism.

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