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Congratulations to Ruta Maya River Challenge Winners

It was a race against 60 other paddling teams who were in it for the glory of the first place trophy. But there was also over 180 miles of river terrain to cover before reaching the finish line. After four days of competition team Koop Sheet Metal took the coveted first place trophy in what has become the biggest sporting event in the country. La Ruta Maya River Challenge took place over the long holiday weekend and culminated on Monday, March 7, 2016. It is an amazing event to witness and even more so, participate. Congratulation Koop Sheet Metal and all the participants who crossed the finish line.

Male Category:
1st Place- Koop Sheet Metal
2nd Place- BTL Cobb’s Arm
3rd Place- Belize Bank Bulldogs

Female Category:
2nd Place- Team Rod
1st Place- Belize Bank Bulldogs (Female team)

Congratulations to Ruta Maya River Challenge Winners

Masters Category:
1st Place- Watt A Thing
2nd Place- Grumpy Old Men
3rd Place – Wave’s Reef Runners

Mixed Category:
1st Place – UES Impacts
2nd Place- Belize Coast Guardian
3rd Place- Black Orchid Resort

Intramural Division:
1st Place- Belmopan Active Youth
2nd Place- Whatteva Boys
3rd Place- UB Black Jaguars

In the Pleasure Division:
1st Place- Weh Dem Deh
2nd Place- Print Belize
3rd Place- Si Wi Yah

Family Division:
1st place- Triple H.
2nd place- Wave Runner
3rd place- Gentle’s Bump & Grind

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