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The Love that Counts

No matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I’m bankrupt without love. – Emmanuel

Love Fire
In life of all the things considered
Tis love I found to be admired
Since time I cannot hold still
Wealth and power leaves at will
One’s heart I know for sure
Can hold a flame till death procure
To you my love, I build a fire
Passion burns beyond desire
– Emmanuel
Poem form Christopher Emmanuel’s book, “True Love”

When we find the love that counts, it is enduring. Today there is countless evidence both scientific and spiritual that we are not just physical bodies. We are spiritual energy in form. What keeps us alive is something that is not always present to the naked eye. In scientific terms energy can’t be destroyed; it is constantly transforming forever.

Watching Oprah about a year ago I witnessed an interview with a man who has survived a deadly plane crash. He explained to Oprah how this incident changed his life. He said, “I saw lights leaving the bodies of the people who died around me in the plane crash. Some were brighter than others, as I watched these lights leave disappearing up through the destroyed airplane I somehow knew that the brighter ones had more love in their lives. At that point I chose to live my life to be a bright light when I leave my body.”

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in her book: The Tunnel and the Light: Essential Insights on Living and Dying With a Letter to a Child With Cancer. Introduces us to her beliefs, work, and life of psychiatry based on her more than 30 years of experience with the dying.

In her book she gives a detail documentation of what people have experienced when they have died and come back to life. Through her experience with these people she became stronger in her belief of the existence of God. This light that her patience experience as unconditional love became her understanding of the true purpose of life, which is to know good and love. She particularly speaks about the value of doing what you feel you came to earth to do and to clear any unfinished business you feel you need to do. Is there anything you feel you need to settle with loved ones?

We might think highly of gifted people. We might think highly of rich successful individuals. We might think highly of church going religious people, but it is love that makes all people sparkle. Worldly gifts and power can be wrongly used if we have no love to manage desires.

Life is about love. Love that counts is not a feeling though it produces many wonderful feelings. True love is a commitment to unconditional maintaining a connection to higher love. If love stops, then we know it was not love. If love finds barriers with personality, persons or peculiarities, looks, or gifts, then we see that love was merely enchantment or lust. When you are young and in good health, full of life’s promise and filled with beauty love seems easier, but as time brings in undesirables changes such as sickness, weakness, and the wrinkles of age loves true tests come forward. The love that counts never gives up. Loves strength is not derived from what is on the outside but is your commitment to what is the deep inner connection to source. Love is not ignorant of pain, hurt or shame, it is through the perseverance of these circumstances that love grows stronger. Love will last forever.

No matter what you have or don’t have, how you treat people will be the legacy you leave behind. When people are ready to leave the earth in their final moments, It is not their possessions they ask for. Why is it that countless people will experience the relationships in their lives before they depart down the tunnel of life? Because when we transfer to eternity we will leave all else behind. Everyday it’s a good idea to start with asking yourself, how you can love today. Knowing what has true value is to plan for the afterlife now. Don’t wait. To be alive you came out of love. A mother’s love brought you to term however you were conceived. And love is what you are purposed to return to. When we accept the love we are we become a whole person. We experience pure self-esteem. We need nothing but the source to complete us. It is the awakening of your true self to the center of inner love. The presence of love is continually satisfied.

Love isn’t something to search for; it isn’t something to wait for; it is a presence to be with you at all times. Your life is a sum of moments no matter who you are and what you do these moments become you. When your time comes to leave this earth, it is the experiences of the moments you take with you. It all boils down to your inner being.

How can you bring more love in your daily life?

When you go shopping, what makes one item stand out more than another? Isn’t it the details that you prefer; your taste, or quality is what makes you buy one over another. Your attention to detail is one way to experience more love in your life. What you focus on creates the quality in your love. The attention you pay equals the love you show in the physicality of your relationship.


Below are some simple strategies, which will help you get more quality in your love life.

   * Plan time at the end of your day to talk and listen to your loved ones. Sharing your experiences strengthens your bond, which keeps flow in your love.

    * Give your attention fully when listening to your partner by making eye contact and responding to help clarify your conversations.

    * Pay attention to small details like, haircuts, new jewelry, clothes, etc. and remember to comment positively. This lets them know that you care.

    * Value your time together. Forget your concerns at work or the office and focus on your time together. Being with someone is more than being there in the flesh; it is being with them in all aspects of the moment.

    * Show up on time and if you can’t make it be sure you let them know you wanted to be there. Keep your priorities straight. This can save you from losing special moments that will not come again.

    * Do different things and don’t be predictable. Keep your love on his or her toes by surprising them often. Make your relationship exciting and fun.
     Finally remember that real love is unconditional, and this passion is what makes long lasting love. To give love you must first have love. Touch people with love and it will expand within you. The more time you give for love the easier it is to find over and over again, till you open your eyes and that’s all you see around you.

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