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Do Your Best!

After learning and studying, sometimes it’s necessary to forget it all to find a solution.

A while ago I found a key on my key ring that I didn’t know which door it opened. I couldn’t remember what lock it was for, but afraid to throw it away, having to regret it later. Did you ever have this problem? I had made a habit of sorting through my keys from time to time and this key had no lock to fit. Finally one day while sitting idle on the dock looking out to sea I took the key off the ring. Turning it over and over in my hand I noticed the words, “Do it best” embossed on the head. As I threw the key into the water it occurred to me how we carry around with us knowledge that we don’t use anymore and it would do us best to toss those ideas away.

Years ago, before computers, I used to work in the advertising business. We had a thing called “Letraset,” these were letters that came on a translucent sheet about 11’x14’ and you used to rub them down on a sheet of paper one letter at a time to make a word to create a typed page. After rubbing them down, you would take a photo with a “stat camera” then you send this photo with your picture composite off to the printer and hoped and prayed you made no type mistakes. Then weeks later you would have your printed words and picture making up your advertisement. When computers were introduced to our industry many of my colleagues did not want to use them. They grumbled that it was not crafty. The ones that refused to change lost their jobs and had to move on to something else.

Today we can type, make changes instantly to our documents, send electronic pictures and messages over and over all day long without sitting at a desk or consulting a printer.

Change can be a wonderful thing. Change can be also a frightening situation. We are not always ready for change and it can take us to places we find uncomfortable. Sometimes we want to keep old ideas and try and fit them into new ways of life and it just doesn’t fit. Moving on means leaving things behind like storage closet that just take up space. Stuff you think you might need that clog your growth.

When change comes all we can do is do our best. The craftiness of sailing in San Pedro gave way to the outboard motor, the quaint sandy streets to stone tiles, the wooden old English facades on building to the concrete security to ward off hurricane destruction. One of my teachers used to say, “You will never solve some problems; you will have to outgrow them.” Doing your best means to be willing to accept the future. Doing your best means you stay focused on what has true value to you as the world around you changes.

Below are ten ways to do your best when it comes to changes in your life:
* BE WILLING: Be open to making changes to ease your life, and release stuck habits
* ACCEPT: Understand that you might not have all the answers and be ready to listen
* BELIEVE: It’s possible to come out on top no matter how bad it seems
* HAVE FAITH: You have to believe it before you see it
* REAFFIRM: Constantly talk yourself into the possibilities
* MEDITATE: Spend time everyday thinking about new possibilities
* CREATE CONSTANT REMINDERS: Make it a written plan of action that you can accomplish your desires
* SIMPLIFY: Analyze the simplest way to achieve your new life
* CONNECT TO SOURCE: Let the higher power know your intention and get out of the way
* LOVE & GRATITUDE: Be grateful for where you are now. Use love as the mirror for all changes in your life. Ask yourself, “Am I acting out of love or fear.”

What does it all mean when it comes down to basics? Do your best in all situations. Whatever you are doing do it with heart. You might not have the same enthusiasm every day. You best might be different every hour, but if you keep on doing your best you will end up where you desire to be.

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