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Faith & Security

Faith is the light that guides you through the darkness.

The only real security is faith. There are times in life when you must have enough faith to let go and stop attempting to manipulate your circumstances. Don’t resist what is. Surrender and have faith that there is a reason for what you are experiencing. Your security is you internal state of being. That is your ability to believe in the possibilities.

The Wright brothers had conviction in their ability to create an aircraft to fly the skies. Their faith turned into security as they continued to believe and create the airplane. Today we all experience the security of flying. Many of us don’t know what keeps a plane up, but we get on them every day knowing that it will take us where we need to be. We don’t have to think about flying it just happens every time we get on an airplane. Faith is the power we all have whether we believe in a higher power or not. It just is. It is activated everytime we think a thought and continues until it becomes a reality.

Your security is not the external material world. You believe in what you can accomplish is your true security. Your faith is like electricity. You can’t see it at work but as you enter your home, just by flicking a switch you turn on the light. The higher power is like that switch. It is within us all and when we remember to turn it on it moves us from the unknown to the known. The higher power in us is constantly waiting for us to turn on the switch to the true security we need to further our lives every day.

When you lose access to your light switch and you need insight to activate the power to change your circumstances. Here are some simple steps to turn your faith into security:

Find your connection
Focus your thoughts on your higher consciousness. Know that the source of all exists and knows your needs. Find time to get quiet and listen to that still small voice.

Get tuned in
Believe in the higher power that is aware of your problems and is ready to guide you in the right direction

Ask for what you want
Confidently and with humility ask the higher power to intervene in whatever situation you need. Consider always the good of all and know that the source only act in oneness and totality.

Allow it to happen
Step out of the way. Once you have made your connection allow celestial guidance to fulfill your desires. Take no charge of how you will like to see it done. Hold a vision of God completing all and move on in your thoughts and action.

Strengthen you conviction
Daily in your thoughts see your desire fulfilled. Keep your mind from negative influence that lead you away from your goal, and disconnect you from the higher consciousness.

Put trust in your faith
Faith is trust. Trust yourself. Trust in your higher self. Trust in God. No matter what the outcome is know that it is for the greater good.

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