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Your Peace in Paradise

A peaceful person does more good than a knowledgeable one

I meet people who come to San Pedro searching for peace, daily. They are looking for the perfect place, “their slice of paradise”. But is peace in paradise? They’re searching for a place that can’t be found outside them. Peace is within. It is the natural results of how you live your life.

Everyday when you make an effort to keep peace in all your relationships and spread joy and happiness, guess what? You get peace in return. If you are not finding peace in your life, maybe it’s time to reconsider how you are living. Practice kindness; give joy and happiness whenever you can. Don’t waste your life searching other countries, traveling all over the world looking for peace. You won’t find it out there. Don’t look for it where it is not. Peace is only found within yourself and when you find it you will have it everywhere you travel, because you take it with you.

Peace exists not in the external world; it lives within your own soul. It is your center when you find your balance in life. You may travel through many different avenues to find it. You may seek it in the pleasures of the body and passions of the mind, but this will always lead to wanting, craving, and grasping. It will always be just beyond the next desire, the next pleasure. When you align yourself to your soul’s purpose, peace happens and the natural order of all your desires will follow effortlessly. Below are some ways to help you develop and maintain inner peace:

Be clear in your communications
We often think that other people see the world the same way we do and over estimate their understanding of our approach and actions. Rather than making assumptions, get clarification on what they intend. They might not be aware of what they are doing or saying. Be willing to open up a dialogue and get clarity on what is going on.

Transform Worry
I know it’s challenging to do especially when people tell you not to worry, but you can transform worry by knowing that what is happening is best. If you did not get the job, loan, new place, etc. whatever it is, know that what is right for you is on the way.

Step away
Many times we are so focused on our wants that we can’t see what is best for us. Take time to go inward and clarify what you are wanting. We are conditioned to keep creating more but that is not always what we simply need on the inside. Take a moment and recall the vision of your whole life especially when you are feeling stressed.

Take a gratitude high
Strong emotions can affect you physically for hours, anxiety, frustration; extreme disappointment can threaten to take your peace. Good emotions and positive feelings can also affect your emotions and bring you into a better mood. When stressful times occur, count your blessings. When you focus on the good in your life it’s like using a painkiller for negative emotions.

Do a kind act
We often spend our time focused on our own needs and that’s quite right to do. Balancing this with a random act of kindness on a regular basis is a powerful way to feel good and get things in the right perspective. A simple act of kindness affects the doer, the receiver and the observers. It’s a way to spread peace and happiness one person at a time.

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