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You Get What You Believe

“One man’s superstition is another man’s insight.”

The little girl screwed up her face and stopped dead in her tracks, just inside the gate. Ten yards away something dark and furry with four legs darted from the bushes to the right inside the fenced yard. Fear struck, she stood almost paralyzed. “It’s OK!” I yelled out to her from the porch landing. Turning her head to the sound of my voice her face in a frozen stare, she started to back away towards the open gate. Outside the gate, she turned and bolted down the beach yelling black cat! Black cat!

Beliefs can create unnecessary fear in your life. Island superstitions, where do they come from? When I was growing up we had many superstitions given to us by the old timers such as:
It is bad luck to walk under a ladder.
It is bad luck to have a black cat cross your path.
Sitting on a dozen cracked eggs prevents pregnancy.
Evil spirits can’t harm you when you stand inside a circle. And so on…Many of us grew up with these beliefs, but as we grew and gained our confidence we left these beliefs and superstitions behind.

Today with the influence of TV science and technology it’s hard to believe these old wife’s tales, but unless you can qualify what you hear today it’s still another form of superstition. What you believe is important to how you live and accomplish in your life. At this time it’s important to stay focused and beliefs that keep good in your life. Below are ways to stay true to your beliefs:

Don’t believe everything you hear
You need to know why you believe the things you hear. So many people believe what they are told without question. If you can’t be certain of what people are telling you, allow it to go from ear to ear so you do not embarrass yourself by telling tales.

Qualify your beliefs
Your beliefs are the basis of your success, yet so many of us have learned our beliefs unconsciously and don’t even know where they came from. Do plenty of research on important beliefs- like religion. Before you judge other and accept rights and wrong, take time to qualify what you think is true.

Many times Faith is all you need
Beliefs are very important to us. We live in a complicated world. Imagine all the people in the world, each one thinks differently from each other, in varying degrees. If you believe in yourself most often you are alone with that faith and that is all you need.

Let go of beliefs that doesn’t serve you
As a child you were strongly influenced by your parents and other significant adults. Many of your beliefs were formed as a child by circumstances beyond your control. Now that you are more mature you can consciously make a choice to change those negative ideas that stop you from living the life you desire.

Keep away from negative authority
Don’t get offended if others do not agree with your beliefs. Have confidence that your beliefs are right for you. Your experience is personal and is between you and the creator. If you are truly secure then you have nothing to worry about. Rather than argue about differences focus on your commonality. In the long run, kindness is better than rightness.

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