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The Perfect You

When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target. ~George Fisher

Consider Perfection
Consider the bird that flies
Without direction
A sun, which sets without a clock
The face of a moon that reveals
Innermost secrets
Seeds of trees that find their way
Flowers, which come alive
At the dawn of spring
A child, who swims and utters a cry
As all these things, so is love
When you lose your direction
When time steals your thoughts
When secrets are kept locked
Let me show you how to love
– Emmanuel

You are perfect as you are. You are a divine expression of the creator. You are a loving appearance of the greatness that created the universe. It’s hard to believe this and right now your ego is saying, “What a dumb idea, I am not perfect.” Then the list of all your faults and problems are starting to show up in your thoughts right now. But who gave you that measuring stick? Just your ego talking -telling you all that is wrong with you.

When you compare yourself to your ego idea of perfection, you will become dissatisfied, because the comparison is based on worldly ideas and is always futile. You can’t know how others relate to their lives. The persons who appear to have it all may not be happy in who they are. They might not be able to enjoy the beauty of a simple day. When you stop comparing you will experience your joyful essence that is perfect love.

Remember in life you experience what you deeply are convinced about. Your perfection is not based on your action or desires, nor the way you look or how much money or possessions you have. Your perfection is based on a love that requires no justification-it is the source of all creation.

Your ego is the inner critic that will judge you on everything you do or say. You can neutralize your ego voice by acknowledging your soul that is the pure self. Your body and all the ideas you have about yourself will always change and eventually pass away. You can love yourself more today by forgiving yourself for your faults. You are here to grow back to your perfection you came from.

Start accepting who you are right now. Embrace all your problems as part of who you are temporarily. See that this to shall pass. They are temporary reminders of what you need to do for now. The chaos and disruptions in your life is just change- getting you ready for the more perfect you to shine through. Through the veil of the ego self is the perfect you. Just for a moment today allow yourself to embrace your perfection. When your inner critic starts to lead you away from your perfection consider these ways to remember your true self:

1. Don’t underestimate yourself
2. Challenge the labels you have of yourself and others
3. See all as temporal and this too shall pass
4. Don’t compare your idea of perfection to others
5. See your perfection beyond your physical being
6. Doing your best is what counts
7. Everything changes and so will your idea of perfection
8. You deserve to be kind to yourself

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