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Get Real About Fear

“Worry gives a small thing a big shadow.”

A pilgrim on his way to a small village outside of Baghdad meet up with the plague one day, “where are you going?” asked the pilgrim.

“I am going to Baghdad to kill five thousand people,” was the reply.

A few days later the same pilgrim met the plague returning. “You told me you were going to Baghdad to kill five thousand people,” said he, “but instead, I heard on the news you killed fifty thousand.”

“No,” said the plague, “I killed only five thousand, as I told you I would; the others died of fright.”

There is probably no emotion that brings us more stress than fear. Many people suffer immensely because of a future prediction that does not exist.  Fear and lack of faith go hand in hand. Show me a person without faith and I will explain his fears.

The mind dominated by fear opens the door for things to go wrong.  Fear can paralyze every muscle in your body. Just the thought of fear affects the flow of blood, likewise causing the heart to fail. Not only do we attract the things we fear, but we also help others to attract fear by the conditions we hold in our minds. That’s why it’s important to be careful about spreading fearful news.

Today we have news about the world instantly. We are more informed on the island, but on the negative side it can fuel your fear if you are not careful. Lately it seem that we are being inundated with fear in the media; the state of the economy, the Infuenza A (N1H1), the outbreak of pink eye, we are all being tested by our fear these days. But, let’s keep things real; people die everyday of cancer, car accidents, HIV/AIDS and so many other diseases we don’t hear about. At the writing of this article the Infuenza A (N1H1) was not the top thing in the news anymore, but the fear still lingers on.

So how do you deal with fear? Below are some simple tips to keep you mind at ease and get real as the world turns:

Get Clarity
Use common sense about what is really going on. Question everything you hear and go do your own research. If you are worried about what you see and hear on TV, look deeper by finding alternative reactions to what is going on. In other words talk to more positive informed people about your fears.

Embrace your fear
Realize that fear is a natural reaction to change and the unknown- Acknowledge what is causing it and unless it’s affecting you immediately don’t worry. Ask yourself what this situation means to you now?

Take Responsibility
If there are steps you can take to ease how you feel. Put them into action. Stop waiting for life to get better. Make steps to betterment now! People don’t change unless you change your reaction to them. Stop being the victim.

Stay in the moment
Regrets from the past and worry about the future fuel the fire of fear. If something happened in the past it does not mean it will happen in the future. Keep your mind focused on what you want to happen. Stay grounded by putting one foot in front of the other. Trust that you can make a positive change.

Practice self care
When fear starts to set in, put self-care into practice: eat well, get plenty of rest, and listen to your bodies needs. Especially in a time of health risks it is important to keep you immune system at its best.

Spread good faith
It’s easy to go along with everyone and continue to talk about negative possibilities, but you can be an ambassador of good will by spreading optimism to everyone. You can help others by seeing the positive aspect and encouraging them to stay focused on the positive now. If you believe in a higher power now is the time to practice what you believe and keep the faith.

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