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The Shift

“Blessed are the flexible for they will not be bent out of shape”-Unknown

Those who were shaken awake on Thursday last week can identify with my experience: Feeling the vibration of the floor beneath my feet, the startling awareness of the possibility of my building collapsing under the pressure of the earth’s movement. The earths’ shift hit home in a big scary way to many of us. We are small and immaterial to nature’s roar. Every year on June 1st we are faced with the possibility of nature’s activity causing destruction- Hurricane season is here. But, earthquakes in Sanpedro? What’s next?

It’s been predicted that the earth is shifting. We take it for granted that the earth is a living breathing entity. As it shifts, so do we. The entire universe is intimately connected. The Mayans have predicted the end of time, as we know it. The Hopi Indians, the Egyptian Calendar and many ancient scriptures including the Bible foretold of a change to come.

The Mayans spoke of waves of influence, which will have a profound effect upon human history on planet Earth. On December 21, 2012, when the Mayan calendar again resets to zero, a new 26,000 year cycle begins. The question is, when future generations look back on our current era, will they see the year 2012 as the pivotal point within The Shift? Could the year 2012 mark a turning point where the old type of humanity, Homo sapiens (“knowing man”), shifts into wholeness as the second tier of consciousness begins to reach popularity? Will the second tier be seen, in retrospect, as a new phase of human evolution?

One thing that is certain at this point is that The Shift is a real phenomenon and, as the current economic time demonstrates, it is happening today. The Shift is not a temporary by-product of the baby boom generation, or of any other generation in modern society. It is not a passing fad and it is not going away.

The Shift is the result of a cosmic cycle, which is unfolding and, slowly but steadily, increasing the frequency of all consciousness upon the planet.

The Shift is, to put it simply, a new transformation in recorded history. This is where humanity evolves to higher consciousness. Consciousness is constantly changing. Are you ready for the Shift?

The Shift starts with your perceptions about what really matters. Your perception determines your reality. Most people experience their thoughts of reality; everything is perceived through their own filter, like looking through glasses of different colors. What we perceive becomes our reality. Our perception can hide from view the already abundance of life that is infinite and always present. Do you believe there is more than what meets the eye, or do you only see lack everywhere?

The Shift is about making new choices from within to enrich your life with what really matters. Below are some simple ways to shift into your highest purpose.

*Make sure you tell the ones you love that you love them
*Forgive people you need to forgive
*Do something you love everyday
*Hold all material things lightly
*Enjoy all your possessions without being attached to them
*See all endings as a new beginning
*Learn to love and leave alone
*Let go of your need for more
*Live in gratitude
*Love and great achievements involve great risk-live your dream
*When you lose, don’t lose the lesson
*Respect yourself, respect others and be responsible for your actions
*When you make a mistake take steps to correct it immediately
*Don’t let a little dispute destroy your relationships
*Spend some time alone everyday
*Sometimes not getting what you want is the best thing that can happen to you.

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