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A Man’s Tough Love

“There is no remedy for love but to love more” – Thoreau

I was raised tough by my father. He would often say he wants all his boys to be strong; the world has no place for “sissy” men. As a boy, his punishment for disobedience was the strap. You were a man when you could take your “licks” without shedding a tear. His tough love was his way of conditioning us to take responsibility for our mistakes, and hold our own as we grew into men. He grew up tough and he turned out OK and he believed his boys would do the same.

But now as a grown man who has children of his own, my father’s tough love is just part of my history. Today I am a different man than my father was. So last week when my cat Freddy died I was not ashamed to admit the loss of my little buddy left a sore spot. The unconditional love this ten pound, cross eyed stray poured into our home will be dearly missed. Those of you that are animal lovers know what I mean. Unconditional love seems to come naturally in the plant and pet kingdom, but practicing this love person to person can be quite a challenge. But as we aspire to love unconditionally we find the greatest joy and peace in all our relationships.

Understanding that we only experience our inner perspectives in life, learning to love without conditions prepares us for the union with the source of all creation after death. Letting go our loved ones back to God becomes easier when we learn to love unconditionally. Below are some tough ways to practice loving unconditionally:

Constantly Forgive: Clear your spirit daily by forgiving all transgressions you experience. Learn to forgive quickly as you can and you will ensure a clearer path to happiness.

Be kind: Give up your need to be right; when you are engaged in any discussion that becomes aggressive, remember that sometimes people need to learn on their own. Be gentle and allow them to learn on their own time. People remember kindness more that rightness.

Practice non-judgment: Accept yourself as you are and know that you need no one and nothing to be who you are. Just by being alive you are approved by the universal source and require no other validation. Work to change what you can but know that your experiences in life led you to where you are and this is the continual path of wisdom.

Be a golden reflection: Do on to others as you would have done unto yourself. Treat people like you would like to be treated. Remind yourself others are just as worthy to be here on this earth. Despite what you think we are all searching for the stream to get back home to peace.

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