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Emotional Baggage

“All emotions require an experience to carry it” – Emmanuel

Waiting in an airport for my bags to appear on a carousel, I noticed a woman and her young daughter standing beside me. She was focused pensively on one particular bag as it went around on the merry-go-round. She wasn’t sure if that bag was hers. All the bags seem to look the same. No matter how different you think your bag looks it always appears that every one bought the same bag, black and square looking.

Occupying my thoughts, I drifted off into empty space, thinking how we all carry around stuff everywhere we go. Some we know and some, like emotional baggage, we are not aware of until something happens to expose our stuff we are not aware of it. Emotional baggage has a way of coloring your world, weighing down our daily lives.

Stuff from the past makes it harder to see the truth of our lives, creating fear that blocks us from living. Suddenly I was jolted back to the present by the woman’s daughter shouting. “That is our bag mommy.” Stepping up happy to retrieve her load, the woman plucked her bag from the carousel. I watched as she meandered toward the airport exit tugging her bag behind her, continuing her journey.

Traveling lightly through life requires taking the time to check your emotions. Are you carrying stuff that weighs you down? Isn’t it time to let go of those old regrets and past experiences that hold you in fear and stops you from taking the next steps to your success? Below are some ways to leave the emotional baggage behind:

Release your Past: Know the past does not equal the future. We’ve all experienced pain and disappointment the best the best you can do is forgive yourself and others. Stop rehashing your failures. See them as lessons to get you where you are today. Focus on where you want to go with your life. Remind yourself that your emotions are only a part of you and you have the power in your mind to change how you feel.

Travel through your Fears: Fear is a part of our lives. No matter who we are and where we live we all experience fear. But fear doesn’t have to hold us back from living life. The way to get through life is feel the fear and do it anyway. First prepare yourself by challenging fear; ask yourself. “Is it true?” Find positive reinforcement everyday for accomplishing your desire. Next, everyday write affirmative statements about the possibilities. Soon you will be on your way to seeing how to travel through your fear and accomplish your desires.

Clear out your Closets: Do you have items tucked away in your home that you don’t use anymore? Each item in our lives relate to an experience. Many of them may hold sentimental values that can keep us reliving a past that is sometimes undesirable. Take time to clear these items from your life that keeps you from moving ahead. This is a great way to clear the energy for new experiences.

Release old Patterns: A current description of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. If you have habits you would like to change, consider taking a different approach than you have before. Example: explore meeting new people that do not fit into your usual criteria of friendship, be open to a new experience.

Forgive yourself: Forgiveness is necessary to removing emotional baggage. Realize we all make mistakes. All your experiences let you to today. Lighten your burden by giving it all up to the higher power. Know you can live and let go.

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