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Wealth Consciousness

Wealth is the result of effective evaluations – Anthony Robbins

Being outwardly rich is really no guarantee that you’re truly wealthy where it counts. It’s time to take a long look at what matters, what people think matters, and what the difference between the two is. Most people today have more abundance in their lives than they can see. We all at some point can become blind to the level of comfort we have in our lives and spend our time focusing on the lack. We are a goal-oriented society and spend most of our time looking towards the next desire to achieve. We can take for granted the many forms of wealth we already have in our lives. Even as we achieve we can become complacent to what new goals we have accomplished. To see your abundance in your life each day continually bring more into your life. The following are two examples of people’s lives, and what can be regarded as true wealth.

Tom was rich. He came from a very well to do household. His father built an empire in the construction business. When his father passed he left Tom all he had, millions in property and a string of apartments all over the US. Unfortunately Toms’ beliefs stopped him from being wealth conscious. His father lorded money over him as a young man. Pounding the value of a dollar into him. Never enjoying his money, he passed his legacy onto his son. Tom squeezed everyone he could, never gave to charities, he lived in lack and still went without like his father, he died leaving it all behind to his only daughter.

Dillon grew up in an average home. His family was not rich by any means. Doing odd jobs his father kept food on the table. His mother poured love into every meal she made and hand washed the family’s clothes. His fathers’ motto: ‘ whatever you do, do it with heart. Wealth was health and health provides the ability to love life.’ The family always scraped up money for all his needs. He recalled when he got his first bike how he rode it till the wheels fell off, knowing how hard his father worked for him to get it. He grew up appreciating everything, sharing what he could with his brother and two sisters. His home life was simple and happy. Gratitude was his wealth. He regarded everyday as a gift. Kindness was his way of being thankful.

How you evaluate your life everyday determines the pain or pleasure you experience. Failure to effectively see the wealth in your life can lead to poor relationships. The goal is to know what has true value and make consistent choices that lead you to experience your wealth continually. Are you conscious of what really matters? Wealth has a lot more to do with your state of mind and your beliefs than what you hold in your wallet. Wealth is the fruit of generosity.

Below are some simple ways to claim your wealth:

Give Time: time is on of the most valuable commodities. It is the most precious gift you have to give especially in your relationships. Spend a day listening to a friend’s problem without judging. Volunteer for something bigger than yourself. Your time is an incredible gift. Make it count!

Give Forgiveness: Think of someone who wronged you at some tine in your life: someone who cheated or stole from you; someone who spread nasty rumors about you. Spend a day forgiving them and put aside all thoughts of revenge. Feel the release leave your body as you let go of these harmful thoughts.

Give Gratitude: Spend time today being grateful to groups you feel competition towards. It could be a family member; a person of different religious persuasion; or those you oppose in government. Send a silent prayer thanking them. Because of them you know where you stand in life. Send peaceful energy knowing they deserve the gift of choice just as you do.

Give Generosity: Take time right now to find three items that you have that you do not use. Give them to someone in need, or put them in a place where others in need might find them. Next pick an item you are really attached to and give it away. The more you love it the more joy you receive giving it away. This is a great way to avoid collecting unused possessions.

Give Yourself Health: Realize that health is true wealth. Spend a day minding what you put into your body. Be thankful for the health you have now. Just take notice of your breathing. Moment by moment your breath keeps your heart pumping, sending the blood of life throughout your body. Whatever state you feel your body is in; take time to be thankful for how it serves you. Just for today become conscious of every breath you take.

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