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Mayan Time Countdown

“Many are the ways to share
The Mystery that is me (God)
And the greatest of these is Love.”
– (Essene Book of Days 1996 by Danann Parry

The Palm leaves were dancing in the breeze and the sun was kissing the turquoise green waters as I stepped off my bottom step onto the noonday sand. There was a single solitary catamaran hitched to TMM’s dock and it reminded me we are in Hurricane season. Right now they could be a storm brewing out there, which can change this part of the world dramatically. Hurricane season makes our life’s concerns exciting and uncertain all at the same time, especially when we can look from a Mayan time perspective.

The Mayan people had different seasons for planting, harvesting, slashing and burning their corn crop to comply with nature. Understanding the earth cycle they lived in harmony with mother earth. Change is constant. The ancients’ inhabitants of this region predicted a big change throughout the world in the next two years. They said, “Time as we know it will cease to exist.” What does this mean? If you are feeling that the world is shifting under your feet. You’re right. We are sailing into big changes; all you have to do is look at the economy. The material wealth is over going extreme fluctuations. Weather patterns are unpredictable.  Melting of the polar Ice caps. Relationships are being challenged. Many people are downsizing and moving around to different locations around the world.

All this change can bring uneasiness if you allow it. Or you can look at it as an exciting time to reassess your real values, like the Mayans you can take steps and go with the flow of nature and clear out the old ideas and stick to the simple ones that really count.

Maybe it’s time we turn around and live our lives with peace and understanding of our differences. Let’s find a way to appreciate each person’s uniqueness through sharing, caring, loving and forgiving. Make the love shine in your heart. You can make a difference and help heal the planet and take us back to the Garden!

Below are a few tips to help you weather the storm of change:

Know what matters most: If you believe in God or higher power then you know you must love God first and prepare for everlasting life. If you don’t believe in a Creator then you are probably searching for Power, Love or Happiness. Since love is the only power that lasts, why not spend your time loving now rather than searching.

Forgiveness those you need to forgive: Since you can’t take bitterness and resentment with you to the next plane and nobody wants it, why not forgive everybody now before it’s too late. Enjoy the benefits of forgiveness now which only leads to more love.

Take care of each other: Eventually we all need someone to take care of us at different points in our lives. From our families to the stranger who might open the door when we have a full hand at the bank door? One never knows when we might need a helping hand. Why not extend care to more than those in your immediate family. On the road of life there are many Samaritans when we are open minded.

Be happy now: Instead of chasing down more material things storing up treasures where moths and worms, and salt will eventually eat it away, why not be happy now whether you have things or not. Consider placing your happiness in the true place where it counts, within yourself, and become the giver and receiver of unconditional love. Since you are searching for love that allows you freedom to make choices, love the source of love now within yourself without judgment and be happy where you are right now in life.

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