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Make Everyday Friday

If you have one eye on yesterday and one eye on tomorrow, you’re going to be cockeyed today. – Anonymous

Friday is a special day for many people. Why? Because usually a lot of good things happen on Friday. For instance, Friday pay day, Friday get away, Friday looking forward to the week end, Good Friday for many church going people. Many long weekends include Friday and there is even a chain of restaurants called Friday’s in the US. So when we hear the word Friday, many of us automatically perk up; it somehow has become associated with fun time, freedom, money, partying and so on.

But the truth is it is just another day for many people, because they get paid on other days and have to work the weekend or have other days they find pleasurable just as well. So what makes Friday so special for so many of us? Well, I think its money and freedom. We all want money and time to do the things we love. But the truth is, the promise of money and freedom don’t always come together. You might not get paid on the day you expect, or you may not have the time to enjoy the money because of other factors, so it’s important to learn to link your pleasure beyond money and freedom.

If we can learn to feel everyday as Friday we can learn to enjoy each day as it is. Because we really don’t know when we will be taken from this earth, it’s good to live each day to its fullest. To make each day a symbol of wealth and freedom is truly the answer to making every day Friday, then payday is every day. The payday being the joy we have just to be alive, enjoying each moment now. Being grateful for what life is giving us now. Not waiting for tomorrow or the day after to arrive. To enjoy the simple pleasure that doesn’t cost money or time is truly living a wealth conscious life.

Below are some simple pleasures that don’t cost money or time. I employ you to try a few and develop your own ways to make everyday a day of meaning and joy in your life:

Cultivate an attitude of Gratitude: Be thankful for the weather, no matter what it is like outside, as long as you are alive and breathing. The earth has a cycle that regenerates itself to provide the life sustaining elements that keep us alive and thriving on the planet.

Be kind to yourself: Love yourself no matter how you feel or look, refrain from judging yourself based on worldly measures, or your minds perspective. Realize that your opinion is only your thoughts of what and who you should, or should not be and that is not necessarily true.

Choose thoughts that empower you: Make a conscious effort to think thoughts that support you and create encouragement to help you fulfill your goals each day.

Live in the moment: Learn to bring your mind to the immediate reality and do not live in the past or future especially if it holds pain and suffering.

Let go of the idea that you can’t change: Know that you can make a choice today to change your life. Believe that you have time in the now and future to make effective choices to change your life to what you would like it to be.

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