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Your Authentic You

“May you always swim in the ocean of abundance while manifesting your own divine destiny. Listen to your friend”

Fish swim alone. They might be in a school or in a twosome, but they always swim alone. Many of us are susceptible to change. We do not handle it easily, we go kicking and screaming, fighting against what is always best for us. Our fear of the unknown disrupts into anxiety as we try and know the outcome. We struggle to control that which we cannot-change is inevitable.

An acquaintance of mine lost his home and his business in the recent economic downturn. Years ago when we met he discussed a passion to help others. He wanted to write books, but his commitment to getting the big house and family car to reflect his status was a milestone to his personal destiny. He did not believe he could make money living his authentic self.

His desire for his wife’s level of comfort and family lifestyle kept him working as an insurance salesman. He made lots of money, built the wife’s dream house and got her the store she wanted. Just then the economy changed left him in financial bind. He had to sell his house, close the store and is now pursuing his dream.

There is an authentic self in each one of us. It takes courage to believe in this part of you and pursue it to the fullest. Only you know your nature, everyone is different, what is right for you is not the same for others. God- Great Order Divine- made us unique onto ourselves. You have a seed in you to create a onetime fruit.

Unfortunately the world does not always make it easy to develop this seed; but, that does not mean you can’t fulfill your destiny. You will find your personal joy is being that person that you need to be. Do not accept your nature timidly- embrace it wholeheartedly. Be who you are completely. Don’t let your dream die inside of you. Be courageous; break out despite what others think. Be who you are meant to be

Below are some ways to become your authentic self:

Understand who you are: If you don’t know what you want you can’t get what you need. Understanding your authentic self allows you to make better choices in your life. When you know who you are you can tune into that inner voice that is the creator speaking in you, showing you the way to accomplish what is your soul’s destiny. After all life is a preparation for death and vice versa

Don’t depend on others to accept you: Each one of us has unique journeys to share with the world. Accept and allow yourself and others to travel their own path. When we support each other’s uniqueness it fosters success all around. You might support others but don’t expect others to feel the same way about you. It takes courage to stand alone, but joy and sadness is felt alone inside, so accept your joy despite what other say and feel.

Stay focused on your needs: Sometimes it’s hard to remember your needs when you have loved ones that you support financially, but keep in mind that you need to be breathing before you can continue to help those you love, so you can satisfy your needs.

Develop Strong Self-Esteem: Get comfortable in your own skin don’t depend on others for approval. You are the only constant companion to yourself. Even if you have great friends, things change and friendships can fall out. Learn to feel secure about your place in the world and the challenges you face, even if they are tough.

Do what God put in your heart: If you don’t know who you are, I suggest you connect to the divine and ask and you will be guided. You can tell the source what you want, but that doesn’t always get you what you need. If you really want what is right for you I suggest you ask for guidance, because none of us really know the real deal.

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