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2012 is it The End?

“Choose thoughts and beliefs that support a positive outcome.”

Recently there is a lot of hype about the coming of the year 2012. There is a movie scheduled to be released, Friday November the 13th. And the trailer shows natural disasters that destroy the earth and all the people in it. According to scientific predictions we are already into the shift of 2012. We are now witnessing climatic changes, but the earth, like us, goes through changes and cycles, and 2012 is recorded by the Mayans and other ancient prophecies as the end of a long cycle. Many further predictions for 2012 range from an era of chaos and destruction to a thousand years of peace and cooperation and the evolution of consciousness.

Doing my own research, I discovered these facts: 1) December 21, 2012, signals the end of a long cycle of time-an age that began 5,125 years ago. 2) Ages ending in the past have brought about shifts on the face of the earth altering entire civilizations. 3) New discoveries in science and spiritually have linked human emotions and perceptions of love and fear, to the life sustaining fields that influence the earth’s cycles and Magnetic Field.

Truth is no one but God knows what is coming ahead. All predictions are pale to the mind of the universe. Whatever the prophecies and predictions about science, global catastrophes, change in consciousness or the mundane prediction about the economy, what turns out to be correct will be revealed in the fullest of time.

It all boils down to this: We are at an incredible time in the history of the planet. All the ancients knew something that we are about to experience. We are at a choice point. One choice leads us to war, famine and destruction; the other to a new sense of peace and corporation between nations. At the same time, on a micro scale, each one of us is experiencing personal changes to adjust to the upcoming new age.

But let’s not get carried away by predictions of past. I remember the 2000 computer crash prediction: remember, all the computer systems were supposed to stop working. Guess what? I am typing this on a computer right now. Even thought we have predictions from the Bible, Revelations to the Hopi Indians and Egyptians about this time we all have to believe in a loving presence that allow us the freedom to create better times. If our thoughts truly affect consciousness and our heart helps generate the planet, then it’s up to us what happens in 2012. Maybe it’s time we all taking personal responsible for the earth and do our inner work.

Below are some simple ways to prepare to ride out 2012.

Look beyond the physical: Live everyday as a spirit in form. Get connected with spiritual practice, to tune into the divine speaking within you. Some examples might be, learning how to meditate, practicing prayer, join a group that teaches a practice you believes in. Take all your world experiences to a spiritual level and find out what your soul purpose is.

Notice simple joy: 2012 is a long time away. Live in the now, don’t base your happiness on external circumstances. Focus on the simple joy that comes from listening to birds, baby’s laughter, the gentle sound of water and wind, walk in awe of your surroundings. Instead of allowing the world to pull you around, find what gives you joy and live it every day.

Review your priorities: In today’s busyness we sometime forget our nature and become disconnected to what has true value. Find time to relax and get in touch with nature. Dip your toes into our queen mother.

Start everyday with gratitude: Each day as you wake, focus on what is working in your life. Everyone has challenges-money problems, relationship issues, health issues- continually bring your focus to the beauty in the present moment and the gifts you already have. Consider the elements that give us life-sun, water, air and earth-celebrate and honor them as well. As we respect and praise the earth, it will honor us in return.

Stay focused on the positive: It’s proven that thoughts affect reality. If we collectively believe in a future of doom, we will certainly experience it so. But if we as a global community hold a vision of positive change and a world filled with love, abundance and peace I believe we can create that reality. We can make the impossible possible when we work together in faith.

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