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Never, Never, Give Up!

“Persistent people begin their success where others end in failure. By Edward Eggleston”

Once on a boat trip to Xitapa, Mexico we came upon a flock of pelicans flying in unison as these big birds do. The flock formed a perfect “V” alongside our boat. At the apex of the V the first bird flapped its wings, then the second two behind him and so on down the line of the ten or so birds. The ebb and flow of their wings reminded me of how our economy does the same cycle.

So many people think we are in hard times, but I think that we are all experiencing the new global shift to a new way of life. You might think this is not how you would like to start a new way, but when do we go quietly in to the new?

Economic recession is a fact of life, part of the ebb and flow of the economy. There are times of great economic growth, times of little change, and periods where the economy draws back, or recedes. Times of economic recession do not have to be frightening, especially if you prepare ahead of time. Some entrepreneurs even profit from an economic recession. It’s all up to you and how much tenacity you have. Do you really want your dream home, your dream job, and your dream relationship? Do you believe in yourself? Have you got what it takes to be persistent with the new business idea in this economy? When is the right time for you to accomplish your dreams? Now!!

It’s all about your emotional health stemming from how flexible and resilient you are, as well as how quickly you can bounce back from setbacks. What gives you mental and emotional strength? If you are living the life you want and a have control of what you do. If your intentions are for the greater good in service of others. What drains you mentally and how can you reduce the effect? Find out what you need to change in your life.  Develop mental persistence; never, never, give up!

Here are a few simple starting tips to help survive an economic recession.

Get support: Talk to people who can help you when you start to hit problems. Sometimes we simply need a friend to listen to us. You won’t get any awards suffering in silence. Get advice from a good doctor if your health is becoming a problem because you are stressing over finances.

Keep focused on the priorities: Know what your real goals are. Reassess and get to the meat of what you want and say no to the rest. Don’t get caught trying to please others and go off in the wrong direction.

Build your Resilience muscles: Find activities that give you a sense of peace and incorporate in your day to day living. Whatever the activity: swimming, fishing, walking in nature, hanging with your close friends, spending quiet time alone. Make it a priority every day. Finding peace everyday reduces stress and builds your endurances for the trenches of life.

Find a niche: Even when cash is scarce, there is still money to be made if you have the skills and services people need. Grow extra food to sell, learn a new skill that you feel an urge to; it could lead you to your next great job. Teach and help others save money and you may have a side business.

Develop Strong flexibility: Keep looking for alternatives. Never give up. There are always ways to achieve your dreams. Grit your teeth and hang in there, you will find being persistent eventually will just come naturally.

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