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Sacred Moments

As child to man Stone to land

Silent knowing Goes hand to hand

Time and time we are told Stories brave, sad, small and old

Life slips through, a story unwind Tapestry woven with pleasure and pain Love reveal eternal mind Every moment yours to find

Two birds skimmed across the water chasing each other in a playful skate. The morning sun beamed across the wakes, lighting the sand golden yellow, celebrating the coming day. Moments can be sacred when we can pay attention. They free our mind from clutter, constant planning, and thinking of the next move in the worlds’ game of chess.  

Lifting our minds from the subconscious autopilot we become conscious and discover sacred moments in all aspects of our lives. Sacred moments teach us. Slowing down bring us into the now, losing time we become infinite. Taking things and people for granted will drain your joy-happiness which you could be experiencing whenever you are grateful for the moment. Sleepwalking through life destroys your ability to be grateful.

Taking things for granted is going through life missing out the gifts in every moment- strive everyday to be a lovefinder rather than a faultfinder. When we appreciate things and people in our lives we open to receive appreciation from others. Judging other peoples’ lives is saying that you know better than God does.

Begin to see things and people as they really are-an unfolding of the one power. If you are part of the infinite spirit, then they must be also. See the unfolding god in each one even if you don’t agree with them, they deserve their rights too. See all as sacred. Remind yourself that there are no ordinary moments. Each moment has the potential to be sacred. Standing in nature and feeling a presence bigger than yourself, being present at the birth of your child, the sunrise after a storm, a brush with death showing the fragile nature of your life, being called dad or mom the first time by your growing child, a friends’ unexpected visit, a smile from a stranger –every single experience of life is an opportunity to experience a sacred moment filled with gratitude or contempt -it is your choice.

Just imagine how empty life would be without these blessings. Often in our busy lives we fail to appreciate the ones we love until it’s too late and they have left our lives.

Sacred moments bring reverence to life. Reverence is that altered states of consciousness when we feel awe and wonder because you know you are in the presence of a higher power. These moments put you in touch with perfect peace because there is no past or future, only in the now moment, you are dangling in the infinite oneness.

Today search for the sacred moment in the ordinary with gratitude and you are sure to experience what real living is truly about.

Excerpt from “Secrets To Life Book” by Chris Emmanuel
Book available at Chris Emmanuel Art Gallery (Sunbreeze Hotel) and Pages Book Store

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