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The Love We Leave Behind

“We go through life, touching everything and taking nothing.” – Mitch Albom

Everything returns to source. Material things become easier to let go especially when health is a concern. Letting go of loved ones is never simple when they die. Our family, friends and loved ones, are woven through us from birth to death. They educate us, showing us parts of ourselves. They leave behind human love, broken hearts, and unfinished forgiveness. Our mind’s eye keeps a picture, frozen in time. Where are they now?

It is said, to hold everything lightly. Why? Because everything we leave behind when we die. We suffer when we fight and strive to hold onto what we deem valuable. Truth is only the essence (spirit) continues on. All of us will die. Death is a passage to another place. We are all just passing through; we own only for a period of time. Death and time you cannot get back. Our bodies place and things are all rented temporarily. Each product that we are is given back as we ascend to the spirit plane. Our soul is just touching our body for a while. Remembering you are not your body alone helps you manage illness, physical emotional pain as your body ages to take you back to your source.

Unconditional love is emptiness – not tangible to our human existence; we touch it when love is left behind. Most people are afraid of death and not having life. We are not taught to embrace it. Like dirt pushed under a carpet we hide it away until we must look at it. We have theories about death, but we really don’t know what will happen. When someone dies we cannot see beyond the corpse. Death is a mystery understood only by personal experience. Death and time have no meaning in the concept of infinity. What dies? Everything is transformed back to chemicals and energy. A person is a collection of earth parts we give and identity. Each one a costume that falls away- what dies is our human meaning. Once we come to understand our spiritual nature and respect that source more than ever. Death is no longer a bother, just a door to take us back home.

Below are some simple ways to leave love behind:
* Developing an attitude of gratitude for all you have now, even as you pursue your desires.
* Make sure you tell the ones you love that you love them as much as possible.
* Hold all material things lightly. Enjoy all your possessions without being attached to them.
* Don’t wait for someone or something to happen for you to feel love, realize that love is a presence that is already within you, if you choose.
* Forgive people you need to forgive, before it’s too late.
* Since you don’t know when you will leave this earth, plan to do something you enjoy daily.

Excerpt from “Secrets To Life Book” by Chris Emmanuel
Book available at Chris Emmanuel Art Gallery (Sunbreeze Hotel) and Pages Book Store

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